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Barack Obama is a Miserable Failure.


This is not a criticism of the Democrat leader. Because the leader of the Democrats is TelePrompter. After all, TelePrompter can go anywhere without Obama, but Obama can’t go anywhere without TelePrompter.

When conservatives say we want Barack Obama to fail, we mean fail in imposing Socialism on America, not fail to bring back prosperity. We want Obama to fail so America can succeed.

Instead, we are getting the exact opposite; he is successful thus far in imposing his Socialist agenda, while being completely AWOL on fixing the economic debacle.

He has said he’s too tired to do his job properly. Perhaps it’s all those lavish parties he throws. Or maybe it’s because he’s never held a real job in his entire pampered life. We’ll be happy to send around the spry, young Gramps McCain to tuck in widdle Barky Warky if it helps.

Regardless of why he’s tired, the same old tired debate is over. The verdict is in;

Barack Obama is a Miserable Failure.



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