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Denial is a River in Chicago

You know what libs really hated about George Bush? It was the sense that he was a cocksure, smarmy, out-of-touch frat boy who somehow (somehow!) thought he was better than you.

I mean, really, who likes those types anyway – right? Well, libs for one thing. It’s why they love David Axelrod. Peter Wehner lays it out.

…Axelrod is playing a familiar and childish game: denigrating Washington (”this town”) even though he spent an astonishing amount of his time and energy in order to arrive here [emphasis added]. And while he’s here Axelrod will, I imagine, participate in, and thoroughly enjoy, all the insular things he pretends to detest — from the black tie dinners to the cocktail parties to the unnamed leaks to repeating administration talking points on Sunday morning television programs to adding his voice to the echo chamber.

Spot on. Have you ever seen this guy on TV where he didn’t come across as some preening asshole? I haven’t.

What is tiresome is the game Axelrod is engaging in. He ridicules a city he longs to be a part of. He pretends to stand outside of a political culture he and others like him have helped to shape. He speaks about the public not in the mature way of the founders — men are not angels, public passions can be dangerous and need to have time to cool, self-government is a hard but noble enterprise, public service is admirable work and comprised of many admirable (as well as less than admirable) people — but in the way a political operative does: programmed,

Axelrod would be much more impressive if he at least demonstrated the courage of his convictions and didn’t come to Washington at all. Indeed, there were serious rumors to that effect after the election. Really, if “this town” sucks so much – why is he here?

As we’ve seen the the Obama administration up to this point projection is a valued commodity. It allows you to claim the moral high ground for doing the exact same thing your political enemies do.



2 thoughts on “Denial is a River in Chicago

  1. I know why Axledick is in DC – it’s because his favorite puppet isn’t. How many days has Obama actually spent in the Whitehouse doing Presidential stuff? Every time I look up he’s off campaigning somewhere. Farking putz.

  2. I heard the the name CHICAGO comes froma indian name meaning BAD SMELL a very approprate name since its still as corupt as it was back in the days ol AL CAPONE and run by a whole bunch of crooks

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