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Stop Making Census


I was glad to see Judd Gregg go to Commerce, just as I was glad to see Bob Gates stay at Defense, where they both might act as moderating influences. But after Gregg accepted the job, Obama cut his legs out from under him by taking away the Census. That changed the terms and conditions of employment and Gregg had no choice but to leave.

The Census doesn’t belong to Republicans. If Obama didn’t trust Gregg, he shouldn’t have taken the Census away–he should have fired Gregg.

The Census doesn’t belong to Democrats either. By taking it into the White House, it is not Gregg, but Obama who is proving he wants to manipulate the census for political advantage. If Gregg had stayed, he would have been ratifying Obama’s blatantly partisan and frankly un-American power grab.

The Clintons used every office and program of government for personal and political gain. They tried to use “sampling”, i.e.; “guessing” during their census count. We’ve recently seen how Democrats count–no thanks. I had the audacity to hope this administration would be different, but sadly, this is still the Clintons’ party.

Gregg was right to first go and he was right to leave. He’s got a good record on spending so we need him in the Senate; spending is all they do.

Unlike many, at least the man can count.

UPDATE: One reason it’s so hard to get rid of Affirmative Action Discrimination is because legislators have made themselves recipients, crafting race-based districts. It’s the classic “politicians choosing the voters, not voters choosing their politicians”.

Mr. von Spakovsky explains the Census Game:

“…while the Census Bureau cannot directly gerrymander apportionment through sampling, it can functionally do it indirectly through other means. For example, statistical sampling could be used to determine the populations for state (as opposed to congressional) legislative redistricting as well as for federal funding purposes. This will allow state legislatures controlled by the Democratic party to draw districts based on imagined populations

…My experiences with the career staff at Justice for four years make it almost certain that they will use their enforcement power under the Voting Rights Act to attack any redistricting plans submitted to the Department for preclearance after 2010 drafted by Republican legislatures, and will allow Democratic plans (if approved by the Congressional Black Caucus) to sail through, no matter what the actual facts or the law. In combination with the Census, this will be a powerful weapon to marginalize the Republican party and make sure it never stages a political comeback, no matter how much support it has from the American public.

ps: heh.


3 thoughts on “Stop Making Census

  1. The Clinton’s Party?

    The Clinton’s are a symptom of the disease, not the disease itself. That disease – lust for power – is as old as humanity.

  2. KING HEROD OBAMA just wants to count all his subjects so they can be taxed every man woman and child taxed to fill the coffers of his corupt goverment

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