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Know thine enemy

More of the expected, tired old same masquerading as Change!:

Less than 24 hours ago, the president urged Americans to support his plan to spend over $700 billion in taxpayer dollars to fight our economic downturn. Meanwhile, the Department of Interior this afternoon added unnecessary government red tape that will delay an opportunity to use our vast, domestic energy resources to bring new jobs and billions of dollars in new revenue to this nation.

Though our economy is in a free-fall and millions of Americans are out of work, the Obama Administration prefers to spend money we don’t have and ignore the resources we do. We are headed down a path that empowers government planners to decide how much energy Americans are allowed to use, and how much they will pay for it. Regrettably, what they fail to realize is that access to affordable energy represents the best and most direct path out of this economic mess.

They realize it perfectly well. They don’t give a tinker’s dam about it; it’s not on the agenda. Further economic disaster, followed by further panic-mongering, followed by further shrill cries that the only possible solution is further nationalization of industry, is. As long as we keep responding only to the idea of whether their phony “stimulus” proposals will actually work — and assuming that Democrats are in the least interested in providing for America’s energy needs, rather than using their limitless power to restrict and control them — they’ll keep right on winning. Because they’ve got us just where they want us: fighting the smokescreen, instead of the enemy whose relentless advance it’s covering.

To join IER and the more than 6,500 Americans who have already sent their comments in telling the Administration that Americans need access to their offshore energy resources, click here and send your comment to the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Minerals Management Service (MMS). MMS is currently in the process of updating its five-year leasing plan, which could allow future exploration of 31 planning areas offshore, the first time in more than 25 years that many of these energy-rich tracts have been considered.

Won’t happen, no matter what you do, or what Americans may say they want. We’re far past the point where any of that matters in the least to the despots who now rule us. All the petitions and phone calls in the world won’t make the slightest difference. Treacher knows what constitutes “debate,” “bipartisanship,” and “compromise” in Obama’s New Soviet Socialist States of Amerika:

Obama: I won.
Anybody who disagrees with Obama: Oh.

End of debate!


NOTE: This comes on the heels of Secretary Salazar’s decision last week to cancel legal energy leases in Utah—leases supported by local Utahans who want jobs and affordable energy. Americans may begin to wonder why this Administration is against affordable American energy supplies and the quality jobs that produce them.

Not if they’ve been paying attention they won’t. They already know quite well what Obama and the Democrats are all about.

(Via Ace)

Update! This doesn’t matter either. Nor does this.


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  2. I recall that Clinton/Gore declared a huge chunk of Utah a Federal Wildlife Reserve to prevent oil production. They didn’t consult Congress or Utah’s people or officials, and they announced it at the Grand Canyon…in Arizona!

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