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Seems to be the subject du jour lately, if you’ll pardon the French, (which I don’t, personally, nasty lot, the French) so I thought I’d toss my two cents in.

I find more beauty in this simple design than in all the “Modern Art” displays in all the museums of the world.

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5 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. DAMN! That thing is SO COOL! I want one to take camping with me. Shame you can only get it in India. Any AMERICAN manufacturers listening?

  2. I think they are American, but they’re only selling to India at the moment. I emailed them earlier, making a few suggestions, one of which is the idea that they should sell to the developed world, but only with the Buy Two, Get One plan, where you pay for two, get one, and the other one goes to a needy family in an undeveloped country.

    Charitable minded Americans and Conservatives (but I repeat myself) would eat that shit up. I know I’d buy several, and give them away as Christmas presents.

  3. Although for hand tools, I love my Estwing claw hammer.

    Simply beautiful, simply balanced, a true work of functional art. When using it I find my grip getting loose, so i don’t interfere with it.

    What a gorgeous tool.

  4. Damned straight, sir, damned straight!

    Give me some classic American Iron of the tool or automotive variety, over “Modern Art” of any variety.

    If anyone thinks I’m wrong, or need to make an exception, feel free to toss us a link right here in the comments. It’s just possible I could be persuaded.

    I do so loves me some Beauty.

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