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The Shape of Things to Come

Jersey Dave ponders:

I wonder how the Late Night comic hosts who concentrated their fire on the GOP will do now, if they will shift their fires any.

Chairman Markos has already passed down his edict:

This is called “raising expectations”, because simple victory is not enough. If you want a radical departure from the governments we’ve suffered the last several decades, we must deliver a whipping the likes Republicans haven’t seen in ages.

I realize there are people uncomfortable with aggressive language and action. That’s the difference between liberal weenies and movement progressives. Liberal weenies sit around thinking that “the truth” is enough for victory, and that if we simply explain to voters why Democrats are better, why, we can’t possibly lose any elections! That’s the crowd that wants to keep the “high ground” and doesn’t want to go down in the gutters and fight the GOP where they live, lest we get a little muddied ourselves.

Movement progressives realize that we must do everything necessary allowable under the law to win because elections have consequences. This isn’t about who is most pure, but about taking the fight to the enemy and aggressively embracing progressivism, offering clear contrasts between us and them, and fighting fire with fire. There’s no ambiguity about where I belong.

So to my fellow movement progressives, embrace that killer instinct and let’s finish the job. We’ve got conservatives demoralized and on the run. They are retrenching around their most important voices. So let’s pick off those they’ve left exposed and go after their best defended leaders as well. Let’s get rid of John Shadegg and Mitch McConnell and Liddy Dole and the rest of them. Leave them leaderless, and susceptible to takeover by the Evangelical Right that so freaked out Wall Street conservatives during the primaries (when Huckabee was briefly in the lead).

Let’s run up Obama’s margins in the Blue states and narrow them in the Red states to give Obama a huge, unmistakable national mandate. Let’s win states Bush won by 20 points or so in 2004, like Indiana, Montana and North Dakota, to rub salt in their wounds. Let’s keep forcing them to go more and more into debt, so that they emerge from the election with their coffers drained, heavily in debt.

I’m thankful we still have warriors like Mike, Misha, Rachel, Michelle, and many others to fight this fight…it’s going to be bloody…very ugly and very bloody.


2 thoughts on “The Shape of Things to Come

  1. I have written a piece on PJM conjecturing about the future face of American comedy. We shall see if they suddenly find their spine now Obama is in office.

  2. No matter how you slice it, Kos is a weenie. He isn’t going to get his ‘crushing victory’, and conservatives will be back within a decade. The political pendulum swings, and no amount of raving by him is going to change that.

    I mean, seriously – read that rant and ask yourself if this is a person who understands what can be done and cannot be done in an election or one who has gotten his ideas from all of the D&D games he played in his parent’s basement?

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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