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You’ll eat it and you’ll LIKE it!

Or so my dear ol’ mum always used to say, back before I yakked it back up and all over her best pair of shoes one day.

She never tried to serve me split pea soup again, thank the dear Lord.

Unlike a never-to-be-sufficiently damned Democrat, Mom could learn from experience.

But cheese?  Now that’s a whole different kettle of pan-fried fish, my friends, yes it is indeed.  I can eat cheese for breakfast (turkey ham, swiss cheese and mushroom omelette with fresh ground black pepper folded American style spankyouveddahmuch) lunch (grilled cheese sammich on the side of chicken noodle soup, homemade or otherwise) and dinner (insert your favorite here, I have too many to list).

I currently have six different types of cheese in my icebox, and not one of them has “Kraft” anywhere on the packaging.  I’d have more, but the power was out at Fortress Rager for five days last week, and I’m not done re-stocking yet.

That recently cleaned fridge sure is purty, though, I have to admit.

Tonight, the first night of my oh so very well deserved vacation, I tried Cahill’s Whiskey Cheese for the first time.  Have you ever purchased something, formed a notion of it’s nature, and then been suprised at how wrong you were?

And so it was.

I’m used to Irish Cheddars being a bit firmer, a tad sharper, and occasionally crunchy with calcium deposits, which is not the bad thing I’m sure it sounds to the novices among you.  Cahill’s is soft without being spreadable, mild without being forgettable, and smoother than a politician’s lie.

Not that you’d know that last to listen to the bumbling incompetents fielded by the drooling retards of the Left this year, I have to admit.  Talk about surprises.  I’m used to seeing Democrats that can at least blow sunshine up my ass effectively.

But I was discussing something far more important than the failed aspirations of yet another Chicago machine criminal.  I was discussing whether or not you should cover your hideous naked loins with some pyjammy bottoms, hop in your hoopty, and drive down to the supermarket to purchase a pound or so of Cahill’s.

That depends.

If your supermarket is closer in price to Costco, i.e., around $8-9 per pound, then the answer is yes.  That’s where I got and what I paid for mine, and I consider it money well spent.

But if your supermarket is charging nigh on $30 a pound, as CheeseSupply appears to be doing, then the answer is a resounding “NO”.  I’ve eaten a lot of cheese from a lot of places, and I’ve yet to come across any cheese worth $20 per pound, much less $30.

Those prices are for helmet wearing sippy cup using retards and Democrats.

But I repeat myself.


You know what’s fucked up?  This cheese review, that’s what.  I was thinking of Asiago Pressado when I wrote this thing.  Apply everything I said to that cheese instead.

Cahill’s Whiskey Cheese is anything but soft, mild, and smooth.  It’s firm, bold, and a tad bit crumbly.  It’s still damned good, as long as you’re not paying more than $10 a pound for it.  Would I buy it again?  Hell yes.  And so should you.

Goes great with boneless buffalo style chicken chunks, by the way.


2 thoughts on “You’ll eat it and you’ll LIKE it!

  1. have you heard of JACKASS SOUP its takes a real stupid ass to make it

  2. I stop at the cheese coolers at my local Costco and just gaze in awe and amazement. One does have to buy a fairly big chunk o’ the curdled and fermented milk but the per pound prices and the variety is nothing short of stunning. Right now I’m trying to not keep so much in my fridge as I’m *way* too tempted to snarf it up. But I have a wedge of their crumbly Gorgonzola (BelGioso is the brand I think) which makes a salad a magical thing.

    I used to get their feta for salads. Then I tried the gorgonzola. I have nothing against feta anymore but, damn. That’s one amazing blue cheese!

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