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Dementia is progressive

Randy Andy has finally gone all the way around the bend:

Last week, Sullivan, a British conservative who became disgusted with the Bush administration and is a passionate advocate for Barack Obama, sent an e-mail query to the McCain campaign:

“I’m very sorry to say, it’s come to this: can you confirm on the record that Trig Palin is Sarah Palin’s biological son?…Since this is a crazy idea, it should be easy for you or someone to let me know, the most popular one-man political blog site in the world, what the truth is.”

Right the first time, asshole: it’s a fucking crazy idea, and it is not worthy of being dignified by any response whatever, and it is none of your or any other pretentious crackpot’s goddamned business in the first place, no matter how out of control your or their rampaging ego is. You should have left it alone when DKos first handed it to you, like any truly decent human being would’ve. There simply is no reason at all for the McCain campaign to waste its time responding to every drool-flecked lunatic assertion hurled at them from the rubber rooms of the Left, no matter how much you think your “prestige” demands one.

Why ask that question, with no supporting evidence? “Like any human being,” Sullivan told me by e-mail, “I assume that this baby is hers. Of course I do. But as a journalist, my job is also to ask for confirmation or for evidence. And that is all I have done. By e-mail. Not on my blog. I would be remiss if I did not ask them to confirm it. At least that’s my view of my responsibility. And I have published every single piece of evidence we have that he is.”What else can I do?

Get professional help, that would be my suggestion. And if Andi really was “like any human being” and truly does assume the baby is hers, he wouldn’t have implied the exact opposite in many blog posts and e-mails.

Tell you what: I got an e-mail from somebody, known only by his internet nick, “Adolf II,” at implying that Obama smokes heroin using the skull of a baby he personally strangled with the entrails of a helpless puppy for a pipe. Now, that’s a crazy idea. But like any one hundred percent certified Human Being, and having every bit as strong professional-journalist credentials as Sullivan has (ie, I have my own blog), my job is to ask for confirmation or evidence that it isn’t so. ALL OBAMA HAS TO DO IS ANSWER THE QUESTION. If I don’t get one, why, we can only assume that this story is true and that Obama is lying about his addiction to heroin, dead baby skulls, and puppy entrails. IT’S MY JOB, DON’T YOU SEE? WHY AM I NOT ALLOWED TO ASK QUESTIONS? And for the love of Himself, why won’t Obama answer them? WHAT IS HE HIDING?

Needless to say, the lunatic went even more batshit insane when Goldfarb sent his annoying, pedantic, and idiotic e-mails repeating the question he himself has been hammering for God only knows how long now to Howie Kurtz, who published them. This displeases the World’s Foremost Blogging Authority, and he whined about it some on his gay gossip website. Ace rips him to smelly, hair-clotted little pieces, and offers another e-mail correspondence of the psychopath Sullivan’s for your amusement: “Are you Batman?”

I’m absolutely serious: this man needs help. Watching the poor head case beclown himself over and over again, over what is simply never going to be an issue among sane or honorable people, has gone from being hilarious, to alarming, to absolutely piteous. For Obama’s sake, at least up the dosage, man.


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