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Displease the Lord and he will smite you

Or have his fanatic-drone Fedayeen do it, anyway:

The author of the latest anti-Barack hit book is appearing on WGN Radio in the Chicagoland market tonight, and your help is urgently needed to make sure his baseless lies don’t gain credibility.

David Freddoso has made a career off dishonest, extreme hate mongering, even calling legislation to protect people from hate crimes the “Thought Police.”

Why, how OUTRAGEOUS! of him, calling Obama and his liberal-fascist hive-minders exactly what they are!

Freddoso will be on WGN tonight from 9:00 to 11:00 to promote his new attack book against Barack.

Tell WGN that by providing Freddoso with airtime, they are legitimizing baseless attacks from a smear merchant and lowering the standards of political discourse.


These people truly are the scum of the earth. They are violently opposed to everything this country is supposed to stand for, first and foremost being the free and open exchange of ideas. They’re not just socialists — they’re unashamedly Stalinist. And if they somehow slime and bamboozle their way into power, we’re in for one nightmarish ride down a long, dark tunnel, as Captain Ed hints:

Who is Freddoso, anyway? David Freddoso had the temerity to commit actual journalism in investigating Barack Obama’s record in public life. That resulted in his book, The Case Against Barack Obama, which has apparently angered The One to the point where he believes Freddoso shouldn’t get a chance to speak in public. Like with Kurtz, who committed the sin of journalism in attempting to get the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge released, Obama has spewed invective at Freddoso for daring to dissent in print.

Where is the rest of the media on this? It’s the second time in three weeks that the campaign itself has organized a brute squad to intimidate journalists into silence. This kind of insane, hysterical reaction to criticism is apparently what we can expect from an Obama administration, and the rest of the media seems content to allow it.

That’s because they’re all for it; they know they’ll be perfectly free to continue their dishonest Lefty propagandizing once Chairman Obama is coronated and Social Democrats are in control of the New American Politburo; the curious absence thenceforth of dissent from the accepted official line may even save their failing fishwraps, and their jobs.

Mark you, the Fairness Doctrine, bad as it is, will seem like small potatoes indeed if this crowd of collectivist creeps have their way.

Hail the coming of the Lord, comrades!

Update! Treacher:

Note: The official Obama campaign website is doing this. They’re screaming about McCain running the sleaziest campaign ever, while they’re actively trying to stifle dissent against Obama. Not refuting it; not ridiculing it; not even engaging with it. Trying to keep it from being said at all. If this is like last time, they won’t even send a campaign rep to the show, which is just down the street from their HQ. No, just send in the phone zombies.

And they’re getting away with this. I guess because if you have a problem with it, you’re a racist?

Can you imagine the front-page stories all over the world if McCain tried this crap?

Yep. You’d hear wailing over “fascist AmeriKKKa” — laaand that we loooove! — from every Left pantywaist from here to Timbuktu.

Liberal Democrats: we may not agree with what you say, but we’ll defend to the death our right to prevent you from saying it.

Freddoso’s book can be purchased here, by the way.


6 thoughts on “Displease the Lord and he will smite you

  1. He has called hate crimes legislation the “Thought Police”… that kind of extremist hate mongering has no business being aired on our public airwaves…

  2. That’s because they’re all for it; they know they’ll be perfectly free to continue their dishonest Lefty propagandizing once Chairman Obama is coronated and Social Democrats are in control of the New American Politburo

    Well they believe they’ll be free to continue, just as Trotsky thought he would be free to dissent with Lenin and later Stalin. Gee, I wonder how that worked out.

  3. Eight years of BILL CLINTON as our dictator was eough we dont need another AND I REFUSE TO HEIL A LIBERAL DEMACRATIC TYRANT SQUAWK SQUAWK

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