Irony, sweet sweet irony.

Posted by Randy Rager @ 12:03 AM Saturday, 31 May 2008 • Category: MUAHAHAHAHA!

You know the absolutely most delicious part of this?

Scooters give off far more and worse emissions than SUV’s.

That’s why I giggle like a little girl viewing a Democrat’s manhood (like a penis, only smaller!) every time I see one of those hopped up little mopeds drive by piloted by some hemp wearing dreadlocked tree hugging granola eating brainless nutsack of cluelessness.

In case you were wondering.

    5/31/2008 | 10:15 AM
    Uh, Randy I don't think that's correct.  You may be thinking of the older 2-stroke (oil burner) scooters but AFAIK all scooters sold today are 4 stroke. 
    5/31/2008 | 1:13 PM
    'Round these parts we call 'em "liquorcycles," because they're the only thing you can legally drive in this state once you've lost your driver's license to a DUI. It's not usually neohippie kids on those things here; it's Sad-Sack, overweight, hollow-toothed 30-somethings with little money and less sense.
    5/31/2008 | 2:21 PM
    It ain't the strokes, martin, it's the total lack of a catalytic converter.
    If you're a believer in man made global warming you might as well call them "Gaia's Vibrators".  And when you're done, I've got some pictures of this fantasic bridge I'm willing to let go for a very low price.  But only to the right owner, you understand.  Someone who would be willing to renovate the thing.  Maybe set up a couple of tollbooths.  You understand.
    5/31/2008 | 2:24 PM
    Mike:  Hah!  Around these parts, I don't think you can even legally drive those after a DUI license pull.  Up around Middletown you see a lot of guys burning off calories on the real deal pedal powered variety.

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