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Question for the Mac Gurus

I’ve searched around, but I’m not finding the exact answers I need…here’s the situation:

My roommate has a Mac G4 Quicksliver 700mhz(somewhere around that) running 10.2…

The hard drive is an IBM Deskstar 41 gb…

He has purchased a Seagate Barracuda 500gb PATA internal drive and has a 10.4 install disk…

He put the new drive in and has attempted to install both 10.2 and 10.4 (when the former wouldn’t work) from the DVD drive, but when it comes to the point to select a drive, there is nothing to select…I’ve double checked and the jumpers and cable were all correct when installed…

I’ve researched and i’m suspecting his system won’t allow him anything larger than 137gb…and that to go any higher he might need a PCI controller card…

I welcome any ideas or possible solutions….Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Question for the Mac Gurus

  1. The Apple controller should support the drive. If it’s not showing up in the OS X installer, it’s probably not partitioned, or has a DOS partition on it from the factory. Run Disk Utility from the installer menu and create a HFS+ partition on the disk. Should work fine then. 

  2. Thanks for the advice, Mr. Lion. Andrew, as far as I can tell, the drive works…I’ll try the partition advice tonight after work…
    Randy, my roomie won’t switch to the PC…he’s hopelessly Steve Jobs’ bitch…

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