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House Fence of cards

Methinks he left a small little something out:

Technical problems with the same 28-mile project that Secretary Chertoff personally had vouchsafed were cited by Homeland Security Department officials as the reason for the three-year delay of the project — which, let me remind you, the secretary had said just five days before was ready to go operational.

So instead of starting the promised-for, partially funded border fence on President Bush’s watch — as he promised — his new plans provide for the first 28 miles of the 2,000-mile fence to be started in the third year of the next presidency. I guess he never really wanted to build that fence.

But Secretary Chertoff did promise to “double the fleet” of our unmanned surveillance aircraft — from three to six for 2,000 miles of the border.

About 75 percent of the public wants our border secured. I guess that does not include the president — nor the Democratic Party candidates to replace him.

Nope. But lest we forget, it does not include the Republican candidate to replace RINO George, either. Hey, let’s just sit and ponder on that for a moment, shall we? 75 percent of Americans want the borders secured, according to Blankley. And every single last damned one of the major-party candidates is flatly opposed to it.

Government of the people, by the people, and for the people may not have quite perished from the earth. But its heartbeat is erratic, and it seems to be having trouble breathing. In sum:

The Bush administration and the leaders of the Democratic Party both want (for different reasons) no obstruction to the full flood of illegal workers (for the Republicans) and voters (for the Democrats) into the United States, thus their adamantine opposition to a physical obstruction to such passage. Whether they truly believed in the efficacy of the virtual fence or not I must leave up to soul readers.

But either way, the announcement last week demonstrates the complete political failure of those of us who have argued for an effective policy implementation to gain control of our borders promptly and stanch the flood of illegal border crossings. It is now highly likely that whosoever wins the presidency, we are facing eight more years of unsecured borders and the addition of many millions more illegal immigrants into our already unstable body politic. “Alea iacta est.” (The die is cast.)

It ain’t highly likely, it’s dead certain. And so is this: an awful lot of people in both of our badly-astray political parties need to be forcefully reminded that our government is supposed to exist not to thwart the will of the people, but to be mindful of it.


1 thought on “House Fence of cards

  1. Right. Closer and closer to “calling it” and pulling the plug. “Of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish…”? Bah! What EVER happened to our “Founding Document”? It’s NOT a “living document”, it’s the bedrock of this nation. VOTE people, before we can’t anymore. Ballot box, mail box, soap box, and…what was that? Oh yeah, ammo box. Madness. And what is a patriotic American supposed to do in time of war when confronted by a “foreign invader”? Protect the nation. Engage them in mortal combat.

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