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Liars, lying

What Shit Sandwich Republicanism buys you: a fistful of nothing.


2 thoughts on “Liars, lying

  1. Yopu don’t mention here that the reason the installation failed was the government had specified ‘law enforcement’ software and it turned out they actually need ‘tactical combat’ software. So the hardware is good but the government specified the wrong kind of software.
    Let’s see now… which party thinks al Qaida should should be treated as a ‘law enforcement’ thing and not as a ‘war’ thing… Could it be democrats mis-specified the software because they want to virtual fence to fail? Who has been in majority anyway? Not Republicans.

  2. Kinda hard to pass the buck much further than RINO George Amnesty’s desk on this one, Steve, seeing as how it’s an administrative matter at bottom, and the virtual phony fence was a RINO dodge to begin with. At least the Dems are up front about their desire for open borders. Nice try, though. Thanks for proving my ultimate point.

    None so blind etc. Yon brain slumbers, but the knee yet jerks.

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