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Stuff what should make Leftards feel torn.

On the one hand, recovery of two tons of gold and possibly the Amber Room, looted from the Worker’s Paradise of The USSR by those jackbooted Republicans Nazis is a triumph two ways: The gold can be liquidated for cash to support the socialist schemes of the current German government, and the Amber Room can be put in a museum somewhere for public display.

On the other hand, the fact that it took over 60 years to find kind of puts paid to the notion that we should have found WMD’s in Iraq 20 minutes after the Republican Guard surrendered, as Moonbatologist Claire points out here.

Yep, today is a bad day to be a Leftard, but when is it ever not?

2 thoughts on “Stuff what should make Leftards feel torn.

  1. When the USSR crumblled in 1998 the liberals must have felt like crying big fat tears now FIDEL CASTRO has retired and they must now fel miserble

  2. wasn’t it Bush who chased the UN weapons inspectors out after 20 minutes? I would think that that has the leftards upset.

    We still looking for Osama Bin Laden who murdered 3000 Americans?

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