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I wonder if I can find this anywhere else…

Last tuesday, I was noodling through my daily constitutional perusal of the IntarWebTubes, and I saw that Steve H. is spreading the gospel of Guns and Pork. Worthy endeavor. Highly commendable. Much better than whining interminably. It’s good to see the lad has finally found a couple of subjects on which to speak positively.

I’m joking! Relax, Steve.

That’s not the point of this post. This is. Anybody know another source for this stuff?

As a quick rant, I’d just like to say to the dipwads running that slapping an “i” in front of a word, putting up a corresponding webpage and then letting more than half your product drift into “Out of Stock” status does not constitute good business practice. Get on the ball, you morons. Hire a web developer to write some code that will keep only in stock items up. Or better yet, insert a field into each product listing that will let you post an “expected in stock by date xx/xx/xxxx”.

Or maybe, and I know this sounds crazy but work with me here, maybe you could hire a buyer to find new product to replace out of stock items. You geniuses think about that for a bit while I see if I can find what I want somewhere else.

UPDATE! Sweet fancy Moses. Slap “slab bacon” into (the alternative to Google evil) and just look at this. Niman Ranch slab bacon, in stock this very instant. Or you could pay more at Figis, but unlike say,, you could actually get the product. Does Burger Smokehouse have slab bacon in stock? What do you think?  How about Nueskes?  Well whaddayafuckinknow.  How about Lawrence’s Smoke Shop and Country Store? OMFG! Not only one but two forms of slab bacon in stock!

I was about to say “Fuck this noise, I’ll buy some raw hog and cure my own“, but it looks like that won’t be necessary.


3 thoughts on “I wonder if I can find this anywhere else…

  1. Thank you for posting this. I’ve used igourmet for holiday gift baskets for probably 7 or 8 years. A couple of years ago, they started with this “out of stock” business on about half of their popular items. I would get so frustrated trying to place an order that it just wasn’t worth it. This past Christmas I was so fed up that I used,, and http://www.gourmetfoodstore.comanybody but igourmet.
    Your rant really put a smile on my face, and I’m glad you found some other sources for slab bacon.

  2. Ha! Oh, my wife would love that.

    “Say, honey, what’s that I hear moving around in the basement?”

    “Oh, that’s just some bacon on the hoof I purchased. I hope he hasn’t eaten all your frilly unmentionables. Say, let the neighbors know that the garden fertilizer we use this year will be a bit more rank than usual, there’s a good girl.”

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