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Man the oars and start pulling

Rick Moran sends this:

I am once again writing to ask that you participate in a Blogburst for Fred Thompson.

Our last Blogburst was a huge success. My best guess is that more than 150 bloggers participated. The campaign was extremely pleased with our efforts and I’m hoping we can do even better this time.

I realize all of you have been advocating for Fred Thompson and most of you have already asked your readers to participate in the campaign’s latest fundraising drive. Some of you have been blogging about it for more than a week.

Some of you, like Bob Krumm, have gone so far as to travel to South Carolina to assist the campaign on the ground.

These efforts are exactly what is needed if Fred is going to carry South Carolina. But to give him the best chance possible, we have to maximize our efforts by working together. Hence, the reason for this Blogburst.

You may know that Fred’s goal to raise $540,000 for his South Carolina campaign is in reach. As of this morning, they have raised $420,000. I would like to urge you to once again post a request for donations from your readers so that we can put Fred way over the top and give the campaign a rocket powered boost into South Carolina and beyond.

You know what you must do, Grasshopper. Moran also has a post with further details here.

Update! What would a fundraising post be without a widget?
Fred08 - Contribute Now
I signed CF up as a Friend of Fred, so any donations you fiends in human shape make via this widget (which is also going up in the sidebar) will be tracked and attributed to us. Make me proud, people. Or, at least, don’t disgrace us anymore than I already regularly do.


2 thoughts on “Man the oars and start pulling

  1. Great Fred quote, which is new to me:

    “Too many leaders encourage you to just send all your money to Washington and tell you they will solve all your problems. They’ll spend your money and at the same time take away your freedom.”

    Brilliant. Hat tip, this site.

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