Fred Wins the Bronze

January 4th, 2008


All things considered, Fred Thompson’s third place showing in Iowa, beating McCain, Guiliani and others, was pretty good.

Especially in light of the dirty trick by the Lying Hacks at, who claimed on election morning that Fred was quitting. Even today they are still trying to spin Fred’s victory as a loss. Guess what; Fred is still a candidate, even stronger…and the Toady Losers are still Unprincipled Frauds and Hack News Manufacturers.

A few things:

1.) Fred is going to have to step up it up–and so are we. I’m looking at how I might volunteer. Think about it, too.

2.) I agree with the gal who said “I already have a Savior. What I need is a president.” I always think of 1980, when a evangelical Baptist deacon and former southern governor ran against a divorced Hollywood conservative–which one was better for Christians and for America? Instead of bashing Christians for voting Huckishly, perhaps we should explain how Fred’s ideas are better… and that Huck is a liberal. I don’t think that case has really been made by Fred or by us yet, at least to everyday voters.

3.) For example; Huck tried to give illegals driver’s licenses before Hillary even thought of it. Bill Clinton turned Arkansas into a Republican state–Mike Huckabee turned it back. And Huckabee is getting credit for a Fair Tax that will not pass without 100 or so Republican senators. Not to mention that his Fair Tax specifically promises not to lower tax burdens, only re-shuffle them.

4.) Time may be short. This thing could go all the way to the convention…or it could be over in a month, with Florida voting followed by a dozen or so more on Feb. 5th. So get involved…or else!

5.) Iowahawk kills me. heh.

So good work, ’57 Phred-sters–but fasten those seat-belts–It’s a Bumpy Life!

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