That’s No Fire in The Belly, Lady

January 1st, 2008


Remember when Fred talked about people who have plotted every day for the last forty years to be president, living and breathing for nothing else except their mad, unquenchable, personal ambition?

Bryan Preston does:

The New York senator also highlighted a chapter in her book, “It Takes a Village,” that talks about every child needing a champion. She said most children have someone in that role and she’d like to fulfill it for the whole country.

“I think the American people need a president who is their champion. And I’ve been running to be that champion — to get up every single day and do all that I can to make sure I provide the tools that every single American is entitled to receive and make the most out of their own lives,” Clinton said. […]

[T]he adults of this country do not need a “champion” who sees herself as “providing the tools” for us to live our lives. We’ve taken to calling this kind of thinking “nanny state,” but it’s more than that. It’s authoritarian, whether it comes from Hillary Clinton or Michael Bloomberg or whoever espouses it. And it’s also, in this case, disturbingly narcissistic. It’s not really about the people of the country, it’s about Hillary being adored by the people of the country. That’s why she puts herself at the center of her little dream. It’s about setting herself up as our beneficent master giving you what you’re “entitled to receive,” not what you’ve earned. Which means she’ll be taking from some according to their means and giving to others according to their needs.

Not only did Clinton dangerously come within an inch of calling Musharraf an assassin, she couldn’t even bother to get one single fact about Pakistan right. Not one.

“And then it hit me:

Sen. Clinton really didn’t know that the upcoming elections were for individual seats in Pakistan’s parliament. She actually believed that Bhutto, Nawaz and Musharraf would be facing off as individual candidates for leadership of the country in the upcoming elections.

Sen. Clinton didn’t know that Nawaz Sharif isn’t allowed to run for office in Pakistan because of a felony conviction. She didn’t know that President Musharraf won’t be on the ballot because he’s already been elected.

Sen. Clinton, a candidate for the leadership of the free world, apparently doesn’t know the first thing about the country referred to by some as “the most dangerous place on earth.””

Why? Because it’s not about Pakistan, or even keeping nukes away from madmen–it’s all about HER.

By contrast, here’s the guy who asked Fred Thompson that question:

I wanted to know does this man want to be my President? I got the last question in.

The answer was exactly what I hope it would. It was a great answer. At points during the answer I was ashamed I had asked the question. I knew the answer. Do I really want to support a candidate who lives to be President? Is that type of candidate really interested in serving the nation or serving his own self-interest? Sen. Thompson positioned himself as willing to serve, not for an enlarged ego, but out of a deep desire to serve his nation. He has desire to make our nation better for his children and grandchildren. Far from a slick Branson like presentation, he presented himself as a dedicated patriot willing to serve if we, the American people, were willing to have him do so. […]

After listening to Sen. Thompson and thinking about what he said, I can only conclude he is the best candidate for the job.

Conclusion noted and seconded.

Midwesterner at Samizdata explains why Fred is the successful small-government and national security candidate:

“Fred does satisfy voters concerned about our safety and about his understanding and capacity to protect it. And he has an almost Churchill like deliberate and imposing persona. Fred is the only Republican candidate that has a serious chance of winning the national election.

Fred will be the first time since Reagan that I actually vote for a presidential candidate instead of against their opponent.

Here is the real shocker. Cynical me, this is also the only time ever that I have donated to a political campaign except for one time I was a candidate for local office. That was a case of putting my money where my mouth is. I guess this is too.”

Now that’s the right kind of fire in the belly.

UPDATE: More data from Samizdata:

What the media…are saying is that Fred Thompson is too sane to be President. It is not enough to produce detailed policies for dealing with the entitlement program Welfare State (a cancer that is destroying the United States and the rest of the Western World), or producing a new optional flat tax (individuals could continue to use the existing system if they wished to) to deal with the nightmare of complexity that the income tax has become.

It is not even enough to have a long record of service, going back to Watergate and taking down a corrupt Governor of Tennessee in the 1970’s. And having one of the most Conservative voting records in the United States Senate – before leaving it in disgust at how the system did not allow real reform.

No – someone has to enjoy the prospect for office for its own sake, not to reduce the size and scope of government and restore a Federal Republic. One must enjoy the whole process of politics – i.e. be crazy. Or one must pretend to enjoy it – i.e. be a liar.

And then people complain that politicians are either crazy or corrupt. When they shoo away anyone who comes along who is neither crazy or corrupt.

The shoo doesn’t fit, Iowans–Vote Fred Instead!

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  1. kiwimon
    January 3rd, 2008 at 15:00 | #1
    It takes a village of liberal idiots to wreck a family and take kids into a bunch or tree hugging granola munching bunch of little wackos
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