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Silk Peasants From a Hog’s Ear…

Dennis the Peasant broadsides the Cap’n…

If there has been one consistent thread linking the efforts of the Conservative/Republican to grow itself, its that the people involved simply don’t know what they are doing. Period. One need look no further than the God-awfulness of Pajamas Media, the silliness of PorkBusters, and the flat-out embarrassment that is One Billion Bulbs to understand that the Right Wing’s talent pool is very, very shallow. Whatever you might think of Markos Moulitsas’ politics, the fact is that he has created a huge online community that, in and of itself, outstrips all similar Conservative/Republican efforts combined by simply working smart and working hard. That his web site design is a thing of genius is undeniable, but do we have any Conservative/Republican bloggers attempting to replicate DailyKOS for our political ends? Of course not.

Why is that?

*evil glare*

(via Hog on Ice)


6 thoughts on “Silk Peasants From a Hog’s Ear…

  1. Dennis the Peasant, like Bill Beck, simply isn’t in my daily read, and for the same reason. There’s only so much vitriol, humorless or otherwise, that I can stand.

    If it was consistently funny, perhaps I would feel different. Guilty, but still, I’d read it.

    Hell, I’m even starting to dread my daily clickthrough into Hog On Ice, which is a great pity. I’ve always thought Steve to be a terribly talented and funny person, but lately he’s turned into such a whiny little beeyotch that it’s become nearly unbearable.

  2. Dare I suggest that the Kos Kids are more susceptible to group think?

    For all the left’s traditional emphasis on individuality, in fact I see more variety, even infighting, on the right, and frankly, I think that’s a good thing.

  3. What’s Kos actually done, in real terms?

    Isn’t he, what, 0 for N as far as actually swinging elections to get his candidates elected?

    I don’t care about PJM or other online silliness any more than I care about Kos (of course, I’m also not a Republican or even really a conservative as such) – but I wouldn’t mind a stronger conservative-tinged or neoconservative online presence.

    I just don’t think the Kos model is one to emulate. The netroots? Ineffective and arguably damaging to their own side (God bless ’em). Having a bazillion hits a day from That Sort Of Person doesn’t make an effective movement, fortunately for the entire Republic.

  4. Infighting: Read some of those Kos comment threads. Although they easily match the right in group think at times (“Bush is the devil” as opposed to “Bush is our savior”), they have some blistering fights, especially in diary threads, where the original poster is not part of the the inner circle and posts something controversial. And heaven help a libertarian who posts or defends anything.

    Sigivald: Given the rise of online fundraising for the left and Ron Paul, I am not sure if we can call the netroots ineffective anymore. And correct me if I’m wrong, but 2006 actually saw, oh, I don’t know, one or two D candidate get elected, so the 0 for N thing went by the wayside awhile back. And reducing all the peeps there to “That Sort of Person” is the type of thinking done by That Sort of Person, so that’s probably a rathole to avoid.

    John: lol

  5. “… they have some blistering fights, especially in diary threads, where the original poster is not part of the the inner circle and posts something controversial.”

    In other words, if you step outside of the groupthink you are shoved into the lions’ den.

    Respecting Dennis’ statement, the things he describes the right and left doing are two different things. Pajamas Maedia, PorkBusters, and so on are responses to specific conditions. Kos is trying to build an identifiable group, he is using the Jesse Jackson template for group politics. Identity group politics is a Democrat thing, much more than the Republicans or conservatives.

    It comes down to a difference between those who want to be part of a herd and those who don’t. That creates the different methods that the different parties use.

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