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Just a quick note of thanks to everyone who has offered condolences for this…well, catastrophe isn’t putting it too strongly, I don’t think. Yes, I’m hanging in there, if only just barely. Some of you have inquired about making charitable donations in Christiana’s name; this would be the place for that. In fact, one of her ambitions was that we would someday have a place of our own big enough to rescue a few of these animals herself.

I’ll get back to posting when I can; still a million things to be taken care of around here first. Joe, Al, the rest of you, feel free to put something up anytime you feel like, though. As you might expect, I haven’t been keeping up with current events lately, but I’m sure there’s plenty to be talked about out there, and y’all ought to be doing so. I’ll be back when I can.

Thanks again for your kindness and support, everyone. It means more than you may realize.


11 thoughts on “Update

  1. Between your music, blog and web expertise you have moved and helped a great deal of people over the years. It is the least we can do to help you in any way you can through this very difficult time in your life.

  2. It does hit you hard, doesn’t it? And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. One minute your raison de etre is prepping the laundry/watching a flick/dancing under star shadows, the next she’s lying in a crumpled heap and there’s no chance she’ll ever be revived. You? You’re left to wonder how any God could be so cruel as to let you survive.

    What can you do? To be really cruel, you go on. you remember the good times and the bad. Remember the days when it seemed the two of you would die side by side with the great grandkids and their children watching. And the days when you both were certain your differences couldn’t be reconciled and divorce was the only solution. But most of all, you go on, for it’s really the only way.

    The pain eases, but never disappear. The memories fade, but still have the power to return in full strength when times are quiet and the world seems at rest. Unless you take steps to insure it doesn’t happen another will enter your life. All a part of going on. You will learn to love her for herself, but she will never be Christiana, nor should she ever be. An she love you she will understand your moments of sorrow and reflection, and comfort you however that comfort be needed.

    Take the time you need, you’ll know when it’s time for grief to end and your life to continue. And always let yourself be surprised by joy.

  3. I have donated some funds to the horse shelter in her memory from my wife & I. As a newly married man this whole tragedy hit me rather hard and made me thankful for every moment I have with my wife.

  4. Mike, you’re trekking alone across this Antarctic, cold to your bones. There’s no return and no stopping, and the confusion of deep grief makes heavy steps. A different man will reach the other side. Part old and part new, healed and scarred, you’ll meet him when you get there.

  5. Mike,

    Been linking to you for quite a while and hope to again soon. My wife rides and we’ve both been riding for little more than 3 years. I’ve always had some concern over her riding but have especially been thinking about it since you lost Christiana. Wish there was something we both could do to help you transition through this or say something meaningful and relevant.

    Instead, just know man that folks are wishing good thoughts and that in some way you’ll come through this hell with as little scar tissue as possible. Hey, and the advice and hope that one day you’ll again be surprised by joy, may it be so bro.

  6. Mike – Having lost my beloved young wife 18 months ago, I can truthfully say, “I understand what you are going through.” Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk.


  7. Mike, I understand all too well your grief – it’s one of the most difficult losses you will ever face. We know you’ll be back when you’re ready, a moment sooner is too soon. Do what you have to, take the time you need. I’m sure all of the ‘usual suspects’ will keep things running until then.

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