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A silver lining?


I find it amusing that once again, Trent Lott has made himself the poster boy for everything wrong with America’s political class. Of course, not everyone in the Senate is a power-hungry, amoral, pork-loving elitist like Lott, but far too many of them seem perfectly willing to ignore the fact that most Americans simply do not like the specifics of this bill.

Glenn Beck made an interesting point on his show Friday. He said the debate over this bill represents a battle not between the right and left, but between the political class and the American voter. I think he’s on to something. Given the level of anger this bill has created, it’s hard to believe most members of Congress do not know where their constituents stand. And yet the bill lives.

Congress has gotten our message. They’re just ignoring it.

By George, I think he’s got it. This is indeed a struggle between the governing class and the governed, and is illustrative of many crucial truths beyond the parameters of the specific issue at hand. Maybe the best thing that could possibly happen is for our Congresscritters to continue hurling their arrogance in our teeth; maybe then, enough of us will become angered by their contempt to make a positive difference.


3 thoughts on “A silver lining?

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  2. You make a good point about some issues angering both right and left. I would include illegal immigration as an example to a lesser degree. (I think it angers the left less because it weakens America.)
    But I disagree that it (the anger) will lead to positive changes. Perhaps, but doubtful. The political changes that will occur well before the anger can possibly bring about a voter’s revolt (and to whom do we run, anyway?) will guarantee decades more of identity politics and the “state interest” in setting aside constitutional guarantees of state non discrimination.

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