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Free Scooter!


I Hear George Tenet Has One He Isn’t Really Using.

While rogue intelligence officer Valerie Plame was running her own foreign policy out of her Langley office, Scooter Libby was up in his office working night and day to prevent another terrorist attack on America.

While Plame was busily trying to have her husband installed as the new Secretary of State in a Kerry Administration by covering for Saddam, Scooter Libby was trying to keep me, my family and my neighbors alive.

“Mr. Libby worked himself to exhaustion day after day reviewing national intelligence estimates,” said the White House physician. Meanwhile, Valerie and Joe Plame were testifying falsely before the 9/11 Commission and Congress.

Evidently, there is no “(D.)” in “dperjury”.

Libby didn’t recieve a fair trial–but he did get a fair election. And he lost that election because the voters, i.e., the jury, were all liberal Democrats from D.C..

I’m not saying that Scooter was railroaded–but the Justice Dept. suddenly changed its name to “Union-Pacific”, the judge was wearing a Casey Jones engineer’s cap, the prosecutor was a brakeman, the bailiff was named “John Henry”, the jury consisted of Pullman porters, the witnesses were Chinese coolies and the reporters were all whistling “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”.

Dianne Sawyer, won’t you blow your horn?

It seems to me that fairness would dictate that Mr. Libby spend the same amount of time in jail as other troubled testifiers, such the Plames, the Clintons or Sandy Berger. That is to say, none.

Berger simply had his National Archive library card temporarily suspended and paid a large overdue book fine. (And if you think Berger acted without orders from above, your faith in the Clinton Crime Family is, well, naive and sweetly touching. p.s: you’re doomed.)

One hopes that the president will pardon Libby. But this is the administration that apologized for the “Sixteen Words”–even though they’re true, as true today as the day the president first uttered them.

And there is some danger; Democrats hope to use any pardon, along with the totally trumped-up US Attorney-firings non-scandal-Scandal, to impeach President Bush.

When Democrats allow themselves to go to their Secret Place–by which I mean their fondest and most secret reveries, not just the Adult Book Store–they hope Bush pardons Libby. Then, ala Watergate, they will get the Attorney General removed, extract a promise of a Special Prosecutor from the new AG nominee and, under the Santa Clause to the Constitution, impeach both Cheney and Bush simultaneously, thus installing Nancy Pelosi as president. ‘Tis the stuff of Common Dreams.

But there is one way to avoid this: we declare Scooter Libby an illegal alien!

Yes, after all, doesn’t compassion demand it? And wasn’t Libby doing the job that a lot of Americans don’t want to do anymore; that is, defending America?

Instead of denying him bail, the judge should treat Scooter like thousands and thousands of his fellow foreign nationals facing deportation and release him on his personal recognizance.

And the president could then grant him amnesty–all the while claiming it wasn’t really amnesty at all!

Do what’s right for America, Mr. President; Amnesty For Scooter Now!

Or as they say down at the Communist-organized government-by-mob street-riots peaceful reform rallies: “Yes–yes, we can.”


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