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Fanfare for the common OS

Arriving…October? What the hell is this, Vista or something? Ahem.

You Windoze victims might want to take a gander at this, though.


12 thoughts on “Fanfare for the common OS

  1. Okay, I’ve tried Safari. I will now give you my official review.


    Sure, it’s fast, and one of the two web browsers in existence that can properly load Kim du Toit’s web page, (especially on wench day) but damn! It won’t recognize the signal from the back/forward button on my mouse, and the way it manages bookmarks should be a capital offense.

    Not ready for prime time, in other words.

    Somebody let me know when the programmers get their heads out of their asses.

  2. Yeah, bookmarks are so poorly handled that we have complete control over their organization (not to mention syncing them with .Mac), and any browser released in beta should totally handle every 3rd party mouse button. I mean, yeah, yeah, it loads pages quickly and accurately, but the whole “my mouse button doesn’t work” just kills it.


    I do love Mac haters; it’s like talking to atheists about God. They can’t tell you what they hate but by science they hate it!

    Randy, upon a few more reads, I almost think your post is sarcasm/satire of Mac haters, but I’m not sure… 🙂

  3. Well, first off, I don’t hate Macs. In fact, I’ve considered purchasing one, especially since they tend to run Windows programs faster with Boot Camp than PC’s run them native. This is important, considering the severe paucity of Mac OS compatible programs.

    Secondly, when bookmarks in Safari approach, as standard, the ease and functionality of Firefox, as standard, come talk to me. Until then, shaddup. I don’t have time to waste re-configuring every single program I install, especially not a god damned browser, for fucks sake.

    Finally, if you’re trying to woo and wow Windows users, many of whom have Microsoft keyboard and mice sets, and your beta release (released to woo and wow, remember) doesn’t support those incredibly popular keyboard and mice sets, then you. are. a. fucking. moron.

    End of fucking story, and there’s no hatred involved, although I will admit to some rather incredulous laughter.

  4. I am really really wanting an excuse to get one of those uber-end Mac desktops so I can slap Bootcamp on it and watch my PC buddies weep. I considered getting a PS3 but now I am merely going to sort out a nice fast Mac.

    Amusingly EA has finally decided to come to the Mac…right as Mac users can now run PC games on their Mac. Better late than never possibly?

  5. My experiences with Ubuntu have made me more open to other OSs, especially if they can run the windows stuff I need. Boot Camp sounds useful, negating the need for a separate “slave” system.

    But, I like building my own systems too much to support the Ein hardware, ein provider, ein OS mode on the desktop.

    For a laptop, however, I could see it if the performance is acceptable.

    There is one question I must ask, as someone who has used the early Mac.

    In whose crack-addled mind was a one-button mouse acceptable?

  6. I love my PC, too, Gina. I’m just not all Heaven’s Gate about it. It’s a fucking tool, for Chrissakes.

    In whose crack-addled mind was a one-button mouse acceptable?

    The same bunch of retards writing code for the latest Safari release, apparently.

  7. “In whose crack-addled mind was a one-button mouse acceptable?”

    Someone who has done a deal with aftermarket mouse manufacturers? Apple mice have always been crap…its one of their quirks.

  8. Actually, Randy, I’ve had issues with programmer/designers for sometime. Here are a couple of issues:

    Please do not change the look or placement of every tool or button in your “New! Improved!” version. The auto companies do not put the windshield wiper control in the glove box every few years. (Remember that short time in the early eighties when the horn was taken from the center of the steering wheel and put on the turn-signal lever? Note that the horn isn’t there anymore?)

    “Improved” means making an existing thing work better; “New” means something actually new. They are Not the same thing.

    This may be a vehicle for you to show everyone how gosh-darn-clever you are. Over 90% of the users aren’t tech geeks, and don’t care about your cleverness except how it makes their lives/jobs/hobbies easier. An incremental improvement that adds hours of training programs or will not mesh with commonly used programs is not clever; it is evil. Be glad that a pitchforks-and-torches mob can’t easily be sent over the intarweb.

    This is to make your employer money; not to be used for revenge on all of the “cool kids” who gave you atomic wedgies in the middle school lunchroom. (N.B. – avoid your high school reunion; if you go don’t brag about how you made an evil system – after enough beer your classmates may turn to atomic wedgies or pitchforks (salad forks) and torches (sterno cans) in revenge to your revenge. Why perpetuate the cycle of violence?)

    Just some ravings, I mean, ideas.

  9. From your keyboard to God’s ear, MikeyNTH. If the engineers/designers/software weenies actually had to use their products on a daily basis, we might have a better world.

    I’ll say this, on a somewhat related subject: The asshole working for Fuji who decided that every. single. index. print. for CD’s created using the Frontier 370 needed it’s own. fucking. tray. in. the. sorter. had better not ever let me find him in a dark alley. Make a CD, fill the entire sorter? Oh man. His soul better belong to Jeebus, cause his ass is mine.

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