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Traveshamockery round-up

Chuck Muth simply takes Shrubby apart, piece by grubby piece.

Peggy Noonan says the party ain’t abandoning Bush – Bush abandoned the party.

Don’t miss this exchange between a friend of MKH’s and a clueless RNC phone solicitor.

Rick Moran on ex-parrots and the choir invisible.

Uncle Jimbo says it as well as I’ve heard it done:

I know why I’m an independent. I may vote for 90+ % Republican candidates, but the party as a whole is eating a soup sandwich while paddling their chicken-wire canoe up Sh** Creek without a paddle. The only thing saving them is that the Dems just opened the screen door on their submarine and came out swinging a football bat wearing bowling cleats. Poxes and houses.

Tell it, bro.

Coulter provides a history lesson.

Krauthammer gets down to the nuts and bolts.


3 thoughts on “Traveshamockery round-up

  1. I had a good exchange over a year ago when i was called and hit up for a donation of a $100 and said no, I was a little strapped right then. The conversation then went and sent me right up the wall. “How about $75?” “No.” “How about $50?” This was interpseresed with so much chatter that I couldn’t get a word in edgwise, although may be the sound of my grinding teeth was getting through.

    At the end I said “Let me speak to your supervisor.” When I got the supervisor on I explained that No meant no and when I said “No, I was tapped out for the month, what did he think that meant?” It was explained that the callers are trained to keep asking for a lower amount so that they can get something.

    I asked if they thought they know my finances better than I did. “No,” was the response.

    “So now,” I explained, “you wouldn’t take no for answer so don’t bother calling me again. Send everything by mail.”

    That was before i received the notice of a registered letter in my mailbox. I had to burn my lunch hour going off to the certified letter depository and postal armory somewhere on the other side of town, retrieve the letter nd then go ballistic when I saw it was a beg-o-gram from the RNC.

    They got a nice letter in return from me. well, it wan’t nice per se, but it sure helped me! I felt better when I was done.

    I don’t think I’ve donated since.

  2. This is the dark side of electoral politics, which is always present even when “your guys” are holding the tiller. They can’t be permanently persuaded to look away from the next election. Given that Americans who are already Americans have essentially committed themselves, the only place to look for more “margin” is…people who aren’t yet Americans!

    President Bush doesn’t quite conform to this pattern, since he isn’t personally looking to be re-elected. But he’s a faithful Republican, and the big wheels in the GOP are all in favor of weak controls on immigration, for reasons already well delineated by the other writers you’ve linked. But the “new Americans” whom the immigration bill favors are overwhelmingly likely to become Democrats. The effect might send the Republican Party into the wilderness for the next three or four electoral cycles.

    Thompson is the party’s — and the country’s — hope. Tancredo and Hunter don’t have the necessary elevation. Get behind Fred and push!

  3. When is Al gonna start losing weight again, so that I can give my gay readers some close up man junk in spandex?

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