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The question is not whether the British Navy can still defend Britain.

The question is not even whether the British Navy can still defend the British Navy.

The question is this: Is there such a thing as England, and if so, is it worthy of being defended?

Because in all cases the answers seem to be “No”, “Hell, no!” and “‘Winston’ who?”.

While British officialdom could not be bothered to prevent its sailors from being kidnapped on the high seas, it did find the time to take other vigorous and vital law-enforcement action:

“The Daily Mail reported this week that police tracked down and nearly arrested an 11-year-old boy for calling a 10-year-old boy “gay” in an e-mail. This was considered a “very serious homophobic crime” requiring the full attention of police. The article explained that this sort of thing happens quite a bit. Last October, the coppers fingerprinted and threw a 14-year-old girl into jail for the crime of racism. Her underlying offense stemmed from the fact that she refused to join a class discussion with some fellow students because they were Asian and didn’t speak English.

The same day the Daily Mail reported the tale of the homophobic 11-year-old, it also reported that schools across the country have been dropping discussion of the Holocaust in the classroom for fear of offending Muslim students.”

In other words, an act of war such as piracy is fungible…but if a child says “gay” in a unapproved manner, it will get the police pounding on the door in short order.

British authorities are stealing that 14-year-old schoolgirl’s moral, cultural and national heritage from her–and yet she’s the one who is jailed?

But at least in jail, unlike school, she will not be subjected to the Soviet-style air-brushing of the Holocaust from the pages of history. This is, of course, tantamount to Holocaust Denial.

Note to British educators: Why not just have Hitler Appreciation Days and be done with it?

It’s interesting; in the game of geopolitics, Bush is the Left’s Designated Hitler. Yet for Ahmadinijad, to call someone “Hitler” is a compliment. One can easily imagine this conversation:

MICHAEL MOORE: “George Bush is evil.”
MICHAEL MOORE: “He’s a war-mongering bastard.”
GEORGE GALLOWAY: “Indubitably.”
AHMADINIJAD: “Also true.”
MICHAEL MOORE: “And Tony Blair is his poodle.”
GEORGE GALLOWAY: “Quite so…’Arf’!”
AHMADINIJAD: “Again, you speak truly.”
MICHAEL MOORE: “George Bush is Hitler and Blair is Mussolini!”
GEORGE GALLOWAY: “Indeed! ‘Seig Heil’!”
AHMADINIJAD: “No. Hitler and Mussolini were great, great leaders, the Holocaust never happened…and we should do it again!”
MICHAEL MOORE: “Uhh…George Bush is evil!”

The speed with which the hostages made propaganda videos was also disheartening. Recall that John McCain had his arms broken rather than submit. Also recall that this is a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions to which Iran is a signatory–although the press dutifully failed to report it.

Still, one doesn’t wish to judge those young sailors too harshly–it’s almost as if their superiors had never informed them of the concept. Theirs is the real crime.

One doesn’t defend that which one doesn’t love. Or stated positively, one defends only that which one loves. We see that British authorities will defend their beloved homosexuality. They will defend their beloved multicult-ism even to the point of instituting a de facto curriculum of Holocaust Denial. And they will not defend their sailors in harm’s way.

Taken as a whole, one gets the impression of a nation hell-bent on national self-deconstruction.

I hope I’m wrong. I like the idea of an England. An England that gave us Churchill and Benny Hill, Maggie Thatcher and Monty Python, crumpets, strumpets and heraldic trumpets, Chesterton and Cheshire Cats, Black Watch and black humour, Holmes and hobbits, Burke and the Beatles.

Pre-Yoko, of course. And “Silly Love Songs”.

I hope…but I fear the Long Goodbye. But it is Easter. So hope it is.

UPDATE: I almost forgot, because the banal, work-a-day smears have become so forgettable…but wasn’t this supposed to be a plot by the British to give Bush his “Gulf of Tonkin” moment?

The phrase is “Short-bus rider”–Google it.


4 thoughts on “The Seinfeld Sovereign

  1. Good discussion at Samizdata, Andrew. I’m glad your optimistic. As an Anglophile, I want to be.

    How can you have anything but respect for a culture that can produce an Adam Smith, a Blackstone, Shakespeare, Wilburforce, Dr. Johnson…and Victoria Cross hero Private Johnson Beharry ?

    And there’s your trouble. The BBC has cancelled a program on Pvt. Beharry–too positive about Iraq, you see.

    Ace :

    “Remember, these are the people who are always calling for entertainment and art that “challenges people’s beliefs.”

    Except their own, of course.”

    I’m not really familiar with the Beeb, but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts they have plenty of shows that glorify every homeless trans-sexual Palestinian enviromentalist and bearded fruit-juice-drinking escaped Quaker in the realm.

    But a show on a kid who left half his guts and his youth on the sands of Iraq in service to his country and his fellows? Too jingo!

    We’re worried about you guys–because we care.

  2. We’re worried about you guys–because we care.

    And because we don’t call it the Anglosphere just to piss the French off. That’s just a fortunate side effect. 😀

    There are things to admire and detest in every civilization and culture; and yes, there is an objective standard to go by. Those things which advance the health, wealth, knowledge and individual freedom of mankind are good, those which degrade it are bad. Britian has sustained far more contributions to the plus side of the ledger than most. It is distressing to see her most worthless “elites” convincing her truly worthy citizens otherwise as they concentrate solely on her (mostly past) sins and ignore her immense contributions.

    Hope you remaining bulldogs in Britain can save the rest of her before it’s too late, Andrew. By the looks of the Samizdata comments, you’ve still got some grit left in you yet. 😉

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