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Let’s Start a Shitlist… Entry #1

Dear readers,

Those of you who have stuck around here for a while know that I urged you to send a message to the Republicans who were in the midst of doing what the Democrats just did to our troops – the difference being that the special ed students who pose as Democrats are too stupid to realize how politically dangerous it is to pull the rug out from under the troops. Rather than do it back door style, they are doing it up front, led by Jabba the Ex-Marine, aka Murtha the Suetbag.

For the most part, the Republicans who have remained in Congress after the great massacre seem to have had their spine stiffened on national defense and funding issues. Some haven’t gotten the message yet, but many appear to have done so. Some have not.

Prior to the election, somebody suggested to keep a running tally of the folks who were screwing conservatives and libertarians and freedom-loving, freedom-defending centrists and libertarians. Their idea – a correct one – was that we should keep a list of the bastards who are screwing the country over, and focus on helping their enemies. We shouldn’t just lash out at Republicans out of general principle, we should do so based on the specific actions of specific shitheads.

Point well taken. I agree with this, and starting today, would like to add a new category for people especially deserving of blame. That category of entry is, simply enough, “Shitlist.”

I am asking you readers, and my fellow bloggers, to nominate people for the shitlist in the runup to the next election. To get on the shitlist, it takes (1) knowing better; (2) doing the wrong damn thing anyhow’ and, (3) doing so on a major issue, such as immigration, tax raises, serious restrictions on free speech, or national defense.

Generally speaking, Democrats don’t know better. I think some of them are evil, but not many. When I look at the hard left leadership and see the likes of Murtha the un-Great, I realize that some of them are just dangerously deluded and quite possibly morons, regardless of how they came by their law degrees, millions, and congressional seats. Republicans, on the other hand, are expected to know better. They openly espouse conservative and libertarian values, wave the flag unashamedly, and give every inclination that they are okay with being held to a higher standard than a 6 year old whose doctor makes him wear a hockey helmet to school.*

At the same time, the Shitlist shouldn’t be exclusively for people who are screwing up. It should be a place where we can short list people deserving of special praise – Democrats, for instance, who cut against the grain on key issues, and stand where they should, or the occasional Republican who stands up when the Republicans make a lemming-like rush for the Dems’ position (e.g. “comprehensive immigration reform,” or, in English, “Line-jumping amnesty for Mexicans.”)

In short, I want to have one short list of posts to go to, which I can refer to in 12 months time to figure out who around the country deserves a little snowflake of monetary love, and who doesn’t. I’m not above throwing money to the Dems to punish Republicans, but would hope to reward conservative challengers to screwed up Republicans first, in the primaries.

Got that? Major screwup, shoulda known better, did it anyway.

My first set of additions to the Shitlist…

The Republicans who voted in favor of the supposedly “non-binding” Murtha (vice Pelosi) resolution to fuck our troops in Iraq. This is the first step to legislating defeat, even though Iraqi PM Maliki indicates the new rules of engagement and new tactics have produced stunning changes in Baghdad. Murtha is unashamedly pushing this defeatist bullshit, to the point where even the Wash Post editorial board is calling him on it.

National Review, edifice of the right wing, has kindly produced a list of those Republicans. They include:

Davis, T
English (PA)
Johnson (IL)
Jones (NC)
Walsh (NY)

Tom Davis is especially notable on that list. Among his more notable efforts were the non-binding steroid hearings, in which he fiddled with Mark McGwire while core conservative values (and the war in Iraq) burned. Most recently, he has co-sponsored a supposed “good government” bill with Henry Waxman (Pignose-CA), which will require federal employees to report pretty much any contact they ever have with the public. Good luck on that. The real purpose of the bill, which generates a wholly impossible-to-comply-with-reporting-regime for rank & file government employees, is to permit Congressional committees and subcommittees and individual members to generate criminal charges against any employee of the Executive Branch they see fit, in order to better strongarm them into awarding contracts to contractor/congressional donors, or to strongarm them into testi-lying against political appointees. Oh yeah, and if it is enforced… good luck on speaking to some federal agency manager about your screwed up VA benefits or the wisdom of siting a new interstate spur through your neighborhood. They won’t talk to you any more, after the thing is enforced once or twice. Yeah, Tom Davis, the Republican who reminded us he isn’t afraid of using the power of the Bully Pulpit, or any other power he can appropriate, is behind that…

Keller deserves special mention too, for the dumbest, most incomprehensible rationale for explaining his vote. Seriously. You go read it, tell me if you can make any sense of it. I sure can’t.

In keeping with the “two-way street” spirit of the Shitlist, I feel compelled to note that two Democratic representatives decided they’d rather be on the right side of history, and voted with the steadfast Republicans in the House. They are:


So there you go. Shitlist #1.

I would ask my co-bloggers to avoid slinging everybody up on this list every time they get hacked off. Let’s save it for the de-funding measure that “I ride a moped with my twin brother” Murtha puts forward, the sham immigration reform bill that is forthcoming, and other atrocities, as well as for recognizing significant Blue Dog Dem resistance to such idiocy.

* Ps. If you or somebody you are close to has a learning disability, please do not take my comparison of that individual to these treacherous members of Congress literally. It was a metaphor. Many Members of Congress compare unfavorably to the average child or adult with cognitive disabilities, in most respects. The Members do tend to dress better and avoid actual hockey helmets, but if you look closely their hair is often shaped into a hockey helmet-shape using copious amounts of hair spray, hence the comparison. Please take my insult to Congress in the spirit it was meant; similar to how a glove manufacturer might inadvertently be offended were I to use its gloves to slap Mr. Murtha. No offense is meant, and frankly, these Members’ faces needed slappin’.


7 thoughts on “Let’s Start a Shitlist… Entry #1

  1. First, assume you’re an idiot. Now, assume you’re a member of Congress.
    But I repeat myself.

    As someone who has a family member with cognitive disabilities, Al, I didn’t take your post in any other way than Mark Twain’s witticism, supra.

    That isn’t a bad idea, create the paper trail, create the history, the archive, of words and actions. And then next time around, just in time for the season of soundbites, start reminding the jackasses in name and breeding, what exactly their positions have been.

    If Ms. Marcotte can be haunted by her words, then these men and women seriously ought to have theirs held up to their faces. They want an important office, one that demands that they consider seriously the long term consequences of their actions (and long term does not mean ‘election cycle’).

    Politics is often the home for narcissists, and it is about time that some learn that “No, it is not all about you! You want worshippers, start your own faith, but as long as you hold this office, you are beholden to others. And God help you if you forget that, because we won’t.”

  2. I nominate James “Murtha the Younger” Webb. Yes, he’s a Dem but dammit, he was in a Reagan Cabinet and his kid is over there now. He should know better.

  3. June Scorza Terpstra, the traitorous biotch who refers to the military students in her class as war criminals.

  4. Just a clarification, folks.

    They have to be elected officials. They need to be claiming conservative or libertarian or Republican status, and they need to be up for election next cycle.

    So traitorous college profs don’t make. Senators up for election in 2010 don’t make it. Your run of the mill Dem House member doesn’t make it.

  5. I nominate McCain for his outlandish assault on free speech. Granted, he’s pro-Iraq, but still…

  6. On the positive side (at the risk of stating the obvious) I nominate Joe Lieberman – the only Democrat in Washington who believes that politics stops at the water’s edge, to the extent that he’s considering causcusing with the Republicans if the Democrats de-fund the war. As a further plus, he’s an “evil Zionist” who can be counted on to attack Islamists and defend Israel, even when his nutroot political base in Dis-Connecticutt doesn’t like it.

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