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But Don’t Question…

I suppose some of you have heard of the outrage du jour, the marine and the “Hadji Girl” song posted on You-Tube.  CAIR has complained about the whole thing, makes them upset and all that.  Frankly, they can all go bite me.

This is a pretty tame little song compared to some of the rap stuff I’ve heard and they all get their panties in knots over it.  Funny thing, I haven’t ever heard them get wound up over the fabulous jihadi videos – you know them, dude screaming as some other dude slices off his head, the slicer screaming Allahu Akbar as loud as he can.  Nope, some marine making a tasteless (go figure – young men and marines aren’t tasteful – never would have guessed that) video and posting it.  And of course this is the worst thing to ever happen.

 Again – bite me.  This is the most blatant and extreme double-standard existant ever.  The US military has to meet a standard (created by the press so they may look as shocked as possible) that King Arthur and every knight of the Round Table, combined – including Ivanhoe and Richard the Lion-Heart – couldn’t meet, while the Islamofascists are given a standard that your average Visigoth would have considered beneath him.  And our own media consider it their mission to make sure that this is known and accepted.

Marines:  Never say or breathe a bad thing.  If they do they most be executed.

Islamofascists:  Murder women and children indiscriminately.  If they do, we must reach out and understand them.

Bite me, pen-stroker, just bite me.

Yeah, that’s some awesome double standard that is being worked there.  And of course our hard-working press is going to add this one in on their never-ending indictment of America – Land Of All Evil.  They never will question a group like CAIR and ask why they never seem to get bent out of shape when their religion is portrayed as a bloodthirsty death-cult by the Islamofascists.  The question never seems to be able to get out of their mouths, let alone be formed inside their skulls.  They’ll give complete credibility to any “eyewitness” who trots up and gives them an account of US “atrocities”, but turn around and question the least thing the US military says.  Great investigative journalism skills you’re showing there, guys.  I mean, you truly are the brave and self-less guardians of our liberties.  Give yourselves another self-serving award show on primetime.  Really.  You deserve it.

 Now, I don’t question their patriotism, but I will question their sanity – who the heck do they really want to win?  If the Islamofascists win they’re against the wall, too – if the Islamofascists intend to be that merciful.  I could’nt care less of some of their empty brainpans go to line some mullahs wall, but that will mean that me and mine are also deep in the privy, and that won’t do.

This is a war that physically the Islamofascists can’t win.  What armored brigades, cruiser divisions, fighter squadrons can they deploy?  That answer is self-evident from the number they have deployed over the last five years.  They are fighting a propaganda war using terror to get their enemies to give them what theIslamofascists could never build or win otherwise.  This is a propaganda war on the Islamofascists part, and CAIR is part of their Ministry of Propaganda here, and our own press, blinded by their hatred of the Bushitler and the America that is (as opposed to the one that dwells in their addled minds) are willing accomplices of the kind of people who target schoolkids, shoppers in the market, and random harmless strangers, for the most brutal acts inflicted on humans since Attilla and his hordes vanished from history.

What to do, what’s the answer? Stay strong, ignore the press (they are part of the enemy war effort, after all, and why should you care what what insane turncoats say), and support the continuing effort to make the Islamofascists as relevant in the next decade as the Mitanni are today. 

Until then – “Dirka Dirka, Mohammed, Jihad!”


1 thought on “But Don’t Question…

  1. “Bite me, pen-stroker, just bite me.”

    There you go. That’s how I often “resolve” my frustration with dishonesty and bias in the MSM. Writing letters and sending emails doesn’t provide any satisfaction since the normal response is something at best dismissive (“We do not respond to letter writing campaigns.”) or, worse, downright insulting.
    Not that I’m recommending inaction and an angry shrug to others. We need people, like you bloggers, to keep us informed and keep their feet to the fire.
    It does seem that they just know they can get away with it because their market, other liberals, don’t care to complain or react. But the undecided, centrist, independent (whatever) will pay attention.

    So keep up the good work.

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