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Bush did it!

Does anyone see any point at all in even bothering to acknowledge the existence of mouthbreathing simpletons like this any longer? Other than just to point and laugh, I mean? For what it’s worth, I like John’s take:

A mere 30 hours+ after the (Sago mine – ed) explosion, with no idea what happened, no understanding how the accident happened, no idea whether it could be prevented, and most shamelessly, NO IDEA WHETHER THESE POOR MEN WILL EVER SEE SUNLIGHT AGAIN, and the idiot left is already flinging the corpses of these men at the President, hoping for political gain.

An hour south of me, thirteen fellow West Virginians are either dead or in great danger, and all some people can think about is how to use this to their advantage. If that doesn’t disgust you, nothing will.

Oh, but wait, it gets better. Speaking as I was earlier of the Left’s trademark caring and compassion for the less fortunate, here’s just another sterling example of same, via Andrea:

70% of white males in West Virginia voted for Bush and all the trapped miners are white male. It is highly unlikely that most of these guys did not vote for Bush. Life is very cruel. Sometimes the decisions you make cost you your life. Whether that decision is to go to Bali, carry drugs into Asian countries or a simple vote thinking that you are voting anti affirmative action or simply screwing a black guy. Life sucks. That is the way it is.

Feel that Lefty love, baby. Just an alternate verse of Mikey Moore’s plaintive bleat to Osama right after 9/11: “Hey, you’re killin’ the wrong asshole Americans, friend!” And by all means, keep up that singing, you blithering idiots. By the time you get done, the Dems will be lucky if they can even get on the ballot for national elections anymore.

As sickening as these misbegotten creeps are, still, you just gotta love seeing them dousing themselves with gasoline and then dancing around with lit matches.

Update! Trollish sneering in comments that taking note of and denouncing this sort of thing makes me “no better/different than they are” to begin in 5…4…3…2…


13 thoughts on “Bush did it!

  1. Fisst!

    Hey, seriously, that mine was dinged for 39 safety violations a year ago. The company that owns it claims that they replaced the management and have been working off the safety deficiencies. Miners not trapped in the collapse confirmed with our local (D.C. area – we’re near West By God Virginia) news. Seems like the safety system was working, notwithstanding the collapse, which may or may not be related to those deficiencies.

  2. I can imagine a world where we have slain all the spammers and carved their bones into flutes for the little children. ‘Tis but a dream I have.
    (I’m talkin’ to you, tryswr.)

  3. The funny thing is, just a couple of hours ago, I was watching the media on the scene pepper the mine company head with (mainly idiotic) questions and I wondered aloud when this would be asked:

    “Mr. Hatfield, do you see this as a failure of the Bush administration to properly protect these men, and to follow up, could the NSA have been eavesdropping on these men when the explosion occurred?”

    I was thinking this half-jokingly. I didn’t think somebody from the Left would try this so quickly…

  4. I am not the slightest bit shocked someone has come out and blamed this on Bush. They must have been working on the wording before they found the bodies. Its knee-jerk and automatic so no shock there.

  5. Hey…at least Dubya is on it:

    “President Bush offered comfort on Wednesday saying, “We send our prayers and heartfelt condolences to the loved ones whose hearts are broken. We ask that the good Lord comfort them in their time of need.”

    Remember George, the famous words of Jim Morrison”


  6. “President Bush offered comfort on Wednesday saying, “We send our prayers and heartfelt condolences to the loved ones whose hearts are broken. We ask that the good Lord comfort them in their time of need.”

    My God, Zorro, you’re right. HE’S A MONSTER!!! How dare he offer prayers to the families!

    Remember George, the famous words of Jim Morrison”


    Brilliant, Z. An overrated, drug-addled singer who died in his bathtub, most likely of an overdose. Yeah, that’s the kind of person *I* get my religious advice from…

  7. Hey now. When it comes to the spirituality of the American Left, Jim Morrison is the best they’ve got.

    Don’t take that away from them, they won’t know what to do.

  8. Throw out the bait…


    …watch ’em rise to it…

    got em!

    (thanks otto, for enjoyable wingnut baiting)

  9. Wow, Z, you’re quite a piece of work. I mean that. I can’t imagine what it must be like to go into a blog, toss around a few deeply stupid comments, and hope someone takes offense. It’s sad and pathetic in a way. Let me ‘splain something to you, though: I *enjoy* ripping posts like your to shreds. You provide fresh meat (OK, not too fresh; your expiration date seems to be 1968).

    Anyway, I think I’ve figured out why you keep coming back here, posting time and time again despite your utter hatred for conservatives: you really dig the attention you get. On a lefty blog you’re just another Bush-hating moonbat, just one of the crowd. Here people notice you. I guess I’m giving you what you want.

    You certainly give me what *I* want.

  10. Aw, shucks. Young love just makes me blush. Why don’t ya’ll get a room?

    He’ll just leave me like all the others.

  11. Leave it to the blabbery mealy mouthed liberals to blame bush for the mine disaster while these same liberal keep us depending on OPEC becuase they want to appease the eco-freaks

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