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Stephen Hayes is at it again:

AHMED HIKMAT SHAKIR IS A shadowy figure who provided logistical assistance to one, maybe two, of the 9/11 hijackers. Years before, he had received a phone call from the Jersey City, New Jersey, safehouse of the plotters who would soon, in February 1993, park a truck bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center. The safehouse was the apartment of Musab Yasin, brother of Abdul Rahman Yasin, who scorched his own leg while mixing the chemicals for the 1993 bomb.

When Shakir was arrested shortly after the 9/11 attacks, his “pocket litter,” in the parlance of the investigators, included contact information for Musab Yasin and another 1993 plotter, a Kuwaiti native named Ibrahim Suleiman.

These facts alone, linking the 1993 and 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, would seem to cry out for additional scrutiny, no?

No. No, they would not. Absolutely, positively not. Bush liiieeeed, people diiiieed!

The Yasin brothers and Shakir have more in common. They are all Iraqis. And two of them–Abdul Rahman Yasin and Shakir–went free, despite their participation in attacks on the World Trade Center, at least partly because of efforts made on their behalf by the regime of Saddam Hussein. Both men returned to Iraq–Yasin fled there in 1993 with the active assistance of the Iraqi government. For ten years in Iraq, Abdul Rahman Yasin was provided safe haven and financing by the regime, support that ended only with the coalition intervention in March 2003.

So? What are you saying, you big liar – that Saddam’s Iraq was a barely-clandestine supporter of Islamic terrorism? Because we already know that’s a liiiieeeee!

Readers of The Weekly Standard may be familiar with the stories of Abdul Rahman Yasin, Musab Yasin, and Ahmed Hikmat Shakir. Readers of the 9/11 Commission’s final report are not. Those three individuals are nowhere mentioned in the 428 pages that comprise the body of the 9/11 Commission report. Their names do not appear among the 172 listed in Appendix B of the report, a table of individuals who are mentioned in the text. Two brief footnotes mention Shakir.

Why? Why would the 9/11 Commission fail to mention Abdul Rahman Yasin, who admitted his role in the first World Trade Center attack, which killed 6 people, injured more than 1,000, and blew a hole seven stories deep in the North Tower? It’s an odd omission, especially since the commission named no fewer than five of his accomplices.

The more important question is: why won’t Chimpy McHitlerburton meet with Mama Sheehan, a grieving mother whose courageous, lonely mission to honor her murdered son’s memory is one which has been met with spontaneous and completely unscripted approval from a resounding majority of Americans? Why? Hint: it’s because he is an evil, evil man. Plus, Halliburton.

The answer is simple: The Iraqi link didn’t fit the commission’s narrative.

Liar! Liar! Where are the Dubya-em-deez? We’re losing Shrubco’s illegal war, and these lies are why. The only logical thing to do is to signal our willingness to surrender immediately by turning tail and running like hell before even one more babykilling American serviceman is hurt for a meaningless, useless, and outright monstrous lie — we love them so much! Better yet, if we roll over and show the terrorists our (yellow) bellies, maybe they’ll scratch them for us, and that feels sooo good.

The investigation into the 9/11 attacks began with an article of faith among those who had conducted U.S. counterterrorism efforts throughout the 1990s: Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was not–could not have been–involved in any way. On September 12, 2001, the day after the attacks, George W. Bush asked Richard Clarke to investigate the attacks and possible Iraqi involvement in them. Clarke, as he relates in his bestselling book, was offended even to be asked. He knew better.

And he did, too. Being a courageous, nonpartisan, whistleblowing hero whose primary goal had nothing to do with selling books and whitewashing the Clinton legacy, he knew that it was Shrubby McSmirk, with help from the Jooooz™, who were the real perpetrators of 9/11. The truth is out there, if you’d just open your eyes, you liar! Your pesky so-called “facts” are stifling my dissent!

From the evidence now available, it seems clear that Saddam Hussein did not direct the 9/11 attacks. Few people have ever claimed he did. But some four years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, and one year after the 9/11 Commission released its final report, there is much we do not know.

Well, see, there you go again, claiming that Saddam was responsible for 9/11. You wingnutz are all alike; you keep repeating the same old lies over and over and over. There’s lots more to this stupid pack of right-wing lies; I recommend that you don’t read any of it.

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20 thoughts on “Channeling, for grins

  1. And much we won’t know. Not for tens of years, until more and more is declassified. As happens in every war. This is just going to be a long twilight struggle with occaisional flashes of brightness.

    Makes me weary already. Nah, just one more hill.*

    *N.B., if anyone has trouble with this, I speaking a bit metaphorically, if not poetically towards the end of this short thought.

  2. Right, the obssession in Iraq made sure that civil engineering would fail in a massive hurricane.
    TT, I’m only noting one obssession here right now, and pal it ain’t me or the President.

  3. Look, it’s time you righties faced some unpleasant truths about the Iraq misadventure. It has NOT gone as planned, and it has in fact turned into a debacle. The first step towards figuring out what to do now is to escape denial and look at the facts. Robert Scheer says it well:

    Iraq’s Fig-Leaf Constitution
    column left by Robert Scheer

    Who lost Iraq? Someday, as a fragmented Iraq spirals further into religious madness, terrorism and civil war, there will be a bipartisan inquiry into this blundering intrusion into another people’s history.

    The crucial question will be why a “pre-emptive” American invasion — which has led to the deaths of nearly 2,000 Americans, roughly 10 times as many Iraqis, the expenditure of about $200 billion and incalculable damage to the United States’ global reputation–has had exactly the opposite effect predicted by its neoconservative sponsors.

    No amount of crowing over a fig leaf Iraqi constitution by President Bush can hide the fact that the hand of the region’s autocrats, theocrats and terrorists is stronger than ever.

    “The US now has to recognize that [it] overthrew Saddam Hussein to replace him with a pro-Iranian state,” said regional expert Peter W. Galbraith, the former US ambassador to Croatia and an advisor to the Iraqi Kurds. And, he could have added, a pro-Iranian state that will be repressive and unstable.

    Think this is an exaggeration? Consider that arguably the most powerful Shiite political party and militia in today’s Iraq, the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq and its affiliated paramilitary force, the Badr Brigade, was not only based in Iran but was set up by Washington’s old arch-foe, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. It also fought on the side of Iran in the Iran-Iraq war and was recognized by Tehran as the government in exile of Iraq.

    Or that former exile Ahmad Chalabi is now one of Iraq’s deputy prime ministers. The consummate political operator managed to maintain ties to Iran while gaining the devoted support of Donald Rumsfeld’s Pentagon, charming and manipulating Beltway policymakers and leading US journalists into believing that Iraq was armed with weapons of mass destruction.

    Chalabi is thrilled with the draft constitution, which, if passed, will probably exponentially increase tension and violence between Sunnis and Shiites. “It is an excellent document,” said Chalabi, who has been accused by US intelligence of being a spy for Iran, where he keeps a vacation home.

    What an absurd outcome for a war designed to create a compliant, unified and stable client state that would be pro-American, laissez-faire capitalist and unallied with the hated Iran. Of course, Bush tells us again, this is “progress” and “an inspiration.” Yet his relentless spinning of manure into silk has worn thin on the American public and sent his approval ratings tumbling.

    Even supporters of the war are starting to realize that rather than strengthening the United States’ position in the world, the invasion and occupation have led to abject humiliation: from the Abu Ghraib scandal, to the guerrilla insurgency exposing the limits of military power, to an election in which “our guy”–Iyad Allawi–was defeated by radicals and religious extremists.

    In a new low, the US President felt obliged to call and plead with the head of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution, Abdelaziz Hakim, to make concessions to gain Sunni support. Even worse, he was summarily rebuffed. Nevertheless, Bush had no choice but to eat crow and like it.

    “This is a document of which the Iraqis, and the rest of the world, can be proud,” he said Sunday, through what must have been gritted teeth. After all, this document includes such democratic gems as “Islam is the official religion of the state and is a basic source of legislation,” and “No law can be passed that contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam,” as well as socialist-style pronouncements that work and a decent standard of living are a right guaranteed by the state. But the fact is, it could establish Khomeini’s ghost as the patron saint of Iraq and Bush would have little choice but to endorse it.

    Even many in his own party are rebelling. “I think our involvement there has destabilized the Middle East. And the longer we stay there, I think the further destabilization will occur,” said Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel last week, one of a growing number of Republicans who get that “we should start figuring out how we get out of there.”

    Not that our “what-me-worry?” President is the least bit troubled by all this adverse blowback from the huge, unnecessary gamble he took in invading the heart of the Arab and Muslim worlds. “What is important is that the Iraqis are now addressing these issues through debate and discussion, not at the barrel of a gun,” Bush said.

    Wrong again, George. It was the barrel of your gun that midwifed the new Iraq, which threatens to combine the instability of Lebanon with the religious fanaticism of Iran.

  4. Wow. Cites from DailyKooks and Robert Schmear. Well, that does it, I’m convinced; this accelerating juggernaut of pure impartial logic can no longer be gainsaid. Next up: Andrea Dworkin and Catherine McKinnon on the joy of sex and how to be a more caring and considerate lover…

  5. TT, While we were all waiting with bated breath for you assclowns to blame the disaster that is New Orleans and Biloxi on Bush, sorry, RFK Jr beat you to it. Either way, it doesn’t make any of look any more credible to blame a natural disaster on Bush.

    Don’t you have some more complaining about his vacation time or the way he takes a crap in the morning to do?

    Hey mikey, I heard that there was a supernova in the Pleiades galaxy.

    Damn that Bush.

  6. Bush caused a supernova? And they dare to stand against his omnipotent power?
    Those beautiful, courageous…fools! Muhhahahahaha!
    /cue imperial march/

  7. Is this it? One single article in one conservative magazine…this is your proof of a connection between Iraq and 9/11? My curiosity was certainly peaked and I’m trying to keep an open mind but this article reminds me of one of those UFO photos published on the front page of the National Enquirer. It’s sketchy, poorly sourced and inconclusive. Why isn’t the administration screaming this from the rooftops? Why isn’t this front page news? Is it a conspiracy? I think so, but not in the form you would prefer to believe.

  8. Only poll that counted was held in November 2004.
    Oh, and you might want to check the debunking at http//

    Remember, TT, nurse the rage; it’s gonna have to last you for the next three and a half years.

  9. Yeah, Truth Teller, I bet he doesn’t even run in 2008. You may have to transfer all your vitriol to some other Republican when Bush is no longer available, but we have faith that – for you – someone will become the Prince of Darkness Himself after he receives the party nomination. Then this as-yet-unnamed figure will become the origin of all evil in the world and your current goat will be quickly forgotten.

    Oh, yeah, by the way, GWB couldn’t run again anyway. Unless some court puts its stamp on lefty conspiracy theories and make legally binding the claim that he was never elected, under which circumstances he could run twice more.

    Or are you just trying to make some case to make opinion polls (including push polls) legally binding when they say what you want them to?

  10. TT, we may be whistling past the graveyard (a premise only Leftards seem comfortable with), but it sure beats being part of a political ideology that’s in the graveyard, and has been for years.

  11. A poster at Kevin Drum’s “Political Animal” has these sobering words about the response to Hurricane Katrina:

    “I used to work with FEMA, and what is reported is absolutely true. Clinton built up FEMA by expanding the ability to plan for disasters, react to coming disaster, mitigate future disasters and build the preparedness infrastructure at both the Federal, State and Local level.

    “Bush destroyed it. He appointed a hack who was universally detested to run the agency. Then it got swallowed into Homeland Security and all the plans got garbled. And almost all of the most experienced and best managers left. Last year, FEMA rated DEAD LAST among Federal agencies in terms of employee job satisfaction.

    “The Mitigation program – ie the program to try and reduce the risk and impact of future disasters was scrapped entirely. The Directorate shut down, Project Impact cancelled.

    “The Preparedness program was moved out of FEMA.

    “And of course the ability to handle the onrushing storm was crippled because all the crafty vets were gone. All those guys who had been trained in that little thing: If its raining in New Orleans, for god’s sake don’t let the dykes burst! – were gone.

    “We see the evidence already.

    “Exhibit A – they diverted the helicopters who were doing the absolutely essential thing. And clearly there was no effort to ensure that there was a substitute.

    “Exhibit B – There was completely inadequate planning for law and order. Remember New Orleans has about the highest crime rate in the country – but despite that there’s no evidence that there was a major effort to set some controls. Would have been tough anyway with the National Guard in Iraq. But something could have been done.

    “Exhibit C – Presidential interest. In every major disaster event that was happening (ie while the hurricane was coming), the President and/or VP personally intervened to find out what was going on and to check if there was anything they could do to help. And there almost always was a need for them to push along some other Federal Agencies. Clearly there was none of that this time.

    “This is a massive failure. A bureaucracy was crippled and failed because of top level negligence. It did NOT have to be this bad.

    “The comparisons to the planning failures in 9-11 and Iraq are obvious.”

    Posted by: Samuel Knight on August 31, 2005 at 4:05 PM | PERMALINK

  12. (shakes head)

    Project much?

    Sad. Just sad. How the mighty have fallen. The once proud Democratic party reduced to shilling for every invented perceived outrage that can be conceived by any untethered from reality lunatic. Its funny, when you have to be negative about everything the man does, it somehow decreases the impact. Funny that. Yeah, everything is Bush’s fault. Ummm….good luck with that.

  13. So now we have Solipsism A) clueless rants from DKos; Solipsism B) advanced-degree-level numbskullery from mentally unbalanced extreme-Left columnist Robert Scheer; and Solipsism C) some disgruntled former bureaucrat frothing at the mouth on a leading Bush-hating blog; all in support of Relativist Theory D) It’s All Chimpy McShrubhitler’s Fault!

    Nope, sorry, but it still reads like junk science to me.

  14. And roll on over to Michael Barone’s blog where he dissects the WaPo poll.
    Barone’s about the best political analyst out there and if he says a poll is a crock, you can bet that it is not only a crock but is also full of that which makes plants grow.

    Something you seem to be real familiar with, TT.

  15. Mikey: Michael Barone’s a hack. Sad, but certainly true. If you don’t take his stuff with a huge grain of salt, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Meanwhile, more and more is being written on the Bush political failures that are contributing significantly to the scope and extent of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation (I’m cutting and pasting here because this piece is from a subscription-only publication). This certainly won’t help Chimpy’s cratering poll numbers:

    “No one can say they didn’t see it coming”
    In 2001, FEMA warned that a hurricane striking New Orleans was one of the three most likely disasters in the U.S. But the Bush administration cut New Orleans flood control funding by 44 percent to pay for the Iraq war.

    Left: A New Orleans resident walks through floodwaters coated with a fine layer of oil in the flooded downtown area on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005.

    – – – – – – – – – – – –
    By Sidney Blumenthal


    Aug. 31, 2005 | Biblical in its uncontrolled rage and scope, Hurricane Katrina has left millions of Americans to scavenge for food and shelter and hundreds to thousands reportedly dead. With its main levee broken, the evacuated city of New Orleans has become part of the Gulf of Mexico. But the damage wrought by the hurricane may not entirely be the result of an act of nature.
    About the writer
    Sidney Blumenthal, a former assistant and senior advisor to President Clinton and the author of “The Clinton Wars,” is writing a column for Salon and the Guardian of London.

    Note to “Truth” Teller, and to everyone else: Sidney Blumenthal is, as you put it above, a hack. My disgust at the Left’s revolting attempts to politicize the worst natural disaster in our history before the body count is even in has been mounting all day, and my patience with your ilk is nearing its end. Until further notice, the comments section of this website is closed. I’ll have more to say on this later, much more, but for now, I cannot in good conscience allow this website to be used as a public forum for your despicable politicking. – M

  16. TT boy, you exhibit typical “progressive” inability to argue intelligently. None of “Sad, but certainly true. If you don?「どィび「t take his stuff with a huge grain of salt, you?「どィび「re doing yourself a disservice.” or any of the following drivel in any way supports “Michael Barone?「どィび「s a hack.”.

    But that’s about par for the course for the “truth telling reality based community”, isn’t it? Off in fantasy land, believing any nonsense that supports your preconceived little notions, eh?

    Oh well, I expect no less, and I look forward eagerly to 170 more years of Leftard whining.

  17. Mr. Bowen wrote:
    “TT, we may be whistling past the graveyard (a premise only Leftards seem comfortable with), but it sure beats being part of a political ideology that?「どィび「s in the graveyard, and has been for years.”

    Oh, don’t be so gentle: they feed on death, be they dead in Iraq or New Orleans. So long as they can use the corpses to attack those who don’t agree with them, they’ll greedily feed off the deaths. Sometimes before the corpses cool off, even.

    (Dunno if this comment will get snipped, but I’ve really gotten tired of this crap even while they’re still trying to get help for people affected by the storm. It would be nice if ghouls like Truth Teller thought about what they did and felt shame, but I suspect that it has no ability to feel such and merely lurches on to the next corpse.)

  18. Dear Truth Teller:

    Fuck you.

    Bush called the Governor – a democrat no less – and told her to declare a state of emergency the day before the hurricane hit. He did the same thing with Texas and Florida and Alabama, thereby freeing up federal emergency aid funds before the storm. He triggered the National Response Plan, which provided for a cabinet level task force, the day the hurricane hit. There are seven fucking cabinet secretaries, and their departments – that’s one half of the entire federal government – on the case. Bush also addressed the nation at 3:00 PM, three hours before your diatribe about his lack of an address to the nation. As usual, the networks (other than CNN and FAUX (ha ha)) couldn’t be bothered to cover it. So it’s Bush’s fault you didn’t hear the address, I suppose.

    You know why FEMA doesn’t run the national response system? Because FEMA isn’t a warmaking or security agency, it’s a handout and coordination agency. Post 9/11, the national response system was brought under closer control of the National Security Counsel and the Homeland Security Counsel, to allow better, faster, more global response to disasters. That’s why seven fucking cabinet secretaries are on the case, not just the several thousand FEMA employees. That’s why HHS is putting together massive pharmaceutical packages to stave off cholera, plague & diptheria, rather than letting FEMA go around and beg for aid. That’s why the Secretary of Homeland Security is out front, rather than a guy from a sub-cabinet level agency. That’s why DHS and a major command of DOD, NORTHCOM, are working on the problem. And for what it’s worth, FEMA had a chance to work on the integrated national plan, and basically begged off. Contrary to what Drum’s poster claims, they didn’t get subsumed, they chose instead to remain as independent as possible. They decided that they did well with response, but probably didn’t belong in the national security planning arena – they thought that was more the business of DOD and DHS; the NSC and HSC.

    I live in D.C. All the feds I know are being canvassed, and asked to volunteer for a long deployment to the affected areas, where they will give up their comfy digs around the beltway, and probably live in tents, without air conditioning, decent food or water, in order to help out. Should we perhaps also stand down the DOD, FAA, and FDA, and direct them to respond? I’d argue that there is a country to be run, half the federal government is working on the problem, while the rest of it will work double time to make sure national security, safe air travel, food safety, and the economy don’t run into a brick wall.

    Just because you haven’t a clue about what is happening in the real world, just because you don’t see the wheels turning, doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening. I am certain that had Bush spoken sooner than he did – yesterday at 3:00 PM, three hours before your comment – you would have no doubt criticized him as taking political advantage of the situation. There is no winning for anybody who disagrees with you or your type politically, and I’m sick of it. You aren’t worth talking to, because everything is filtered through your pathetic lens of Bush hatred. A sparrow does not fall from the sky in your world, but for a fiendish Bush conspiracy, Halliburton pollution, and Rove-led plot.

    Fuck you, sir, and the rest of you sorry motherfuckers that will use any excuse for some political gain, or to vent your dissatisfaction with your pathetic life at the President, whether he’s at fault or not. I’m sick of your half-witted attempts at reasoning and commentary.

    And for the record. From 1850 to the present, we’ve averaged roughly 6 Cat 4 / Cat 5 hurricanes per year. Since the early 1990s, we’ve averaged roughly three such hurricanes per year. Take your global warming / Kyoto theory, and shove it.

    And while you’re at it… Fuck you.

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