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Kudos To The New Guy

Well, new to me anyway. Several others have already linked to this fellow, and in my usual procrastinatory (ahem – sorry) manner, I finally checked him out. Now it’s your turn, and when you do, you’ll find things like this:

Re: 9/11 commemoration


The package you’ve put together for the Wednesday morning assembly at Frampton Central looks v. good. All here at the directorate agree that it meets our expert panel’s directives to be POSITIVE and INSPIRING. Just a very few tiny changes necessary to get the INCLUSIVE part over the hump–hope it’s not too late to incorporate these.

(1) Excellent job on dealing w/ the v. sensitive issue of the origin of the “hijackers”, but pls. refer to them as “unlicensed amateur pilots” per 5.B.ii of the panel report! Yours was the only presentation in the district not to mention Islam *once*, except of course for the conclutatory poem, “‘Islam’ is How My Arab Brother Says ‘Love'”. Superintendent v. pleased!

(2) We advise a slight restatement of your chosen theme for the assembly, “Remembering an Unfortunate Event”. The word “unfortunate” may have the unintended effect of disenfranchising the unique postcolonial emotional experiences of those students who may actually have felt approval and/or pleasure 9/11 last. As you are aware (please consult 1.A.ii of the panel report), de-privileging these reactions is a form of cultural violence. Better theme choices may include:
¬? Remembering an Important Event
¬? Remembering a Memorable Event
¬? Let’s Remember Together–Whatever Our Colour and Orientation!
Bowell Jr. High is going with “Coping With Healing, Nurturing Our Remembering.” You might want to use that!

(3) Your concerns about the orphaned students’ responses to the “Hey, Friend, It’s Not OK To Hate” guest lecture are noted. Unfortunately, legal did not think it likely that we could obtain a court order allowing for the pre-emptive sedation of the bereaved students. (Freddie just about hit the roof when we asked!) However, you will be allowed to have a board-selected physician on standby. He has been encouraged to be VERY pro-active in identifying signs of communicable disease in the bereaved individuals. (Wink, wink!)

BTW, the planned meet-and-greet with supporters of Palestinian independence has been cleared by the expert panel. We’ve notified Nabil and Maher that fire codes will not allow for the burning of an Israeli flag inside the gymnasium proper. Will let you know what kind of work-around we eventually decide on–we’ve placed a deposit with a company that stages laser-light shows, so keep your fingers crossed! Lunch Friday?

— Hal

I think a Monty-Burns-ish “Eeexcellent” is in order here.



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