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Indepundit (who happens to be one of the links I forgot to add to the ol’ Blogwich – oversight corrected) has an excellent series on Iraq’s long-standing and ongoing role as a keystone in the support structure of global terror. All those (if any, which I doubt) who are still sincerely looking for justification for an attack on Saddam needs to review this material. But then, we all know that those who are shouting loudest for Bush to “make his case” for invasion will never accept any reason presented by Bush or anyone else – their actual position is that there IS no justification and can be none. Like Saddam himself, their stated position is a stalling tactic, a subterfuge which they hope will forestall any military action completely, or at least until Saddam makes himself invulnerable by aquiring a credible nuclear threat to hold over our, and Israel’s, head.

If Bush wavers and allows this to occur, the whole Arab world will celebrate, and with good reason: it will mean that all bets on the continued survival of Israel as a Jewish state are off. And contrary to most doomsday scenarios, Saddam won’t even have to pull the nuclear trigger, although we shouldn’t doubt his willingness to do so – the threat itself will suffice to insure that Israel is brought to the negotiating table to make ever-escalating land-for-peace deals one after another, until they’re reduced to an undefendable strip of land about as wide as my street. Terror attacks and violent protests against Israeli “occupation” will continue unabated, and any and every attempt at containment or retribution by Israel will result in nuclear saber-rattling from Baghdad in defense of their oppressed Palestinian “brothers.” Coupled with the ongoing verbal assaults on Israel from the UN and EU, Israel will be a beleaguered and abandoned pariah, under assault from every side, and the only functioning democracy in the Middle East will eventually be just another desert hellhole that no one will want to live in. Well, no one not wearing a kaffiyah, that is.

I just hope the people who so vociferously defend Saddam today understand exactly who it is they’re in bed with, and that they’ll at least have the decency to shoulder the blame for the inevitable result of their stand should they succeed. But they don’t, and they won’t. They’ll be a little like a coed who wakes up with a crushing hangover in a frat house the morning after the party and immediately has her date arrested for rape. And as always, the whole thing will be America’s fault. Just once, just once, I’d like to see these people admit to their responsibility when the price of their eternal optimism about the true nature of the enemy ends up being paid by other people, often enough in blood. But then that’s a bit like expecting more in the aftermath of a Bill Clinton buggering than a greasy smile and a “better put some ice on that,” now isn’t it?


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